Bead Fest Bling: See the Jewelry We’re Making to Wear to the Show

I’m excited to be attending Bead Fest for the first time this year. I can’t wait to meet our readers and contributors, connect with vendors, shop the show floor, and hopefully take a class, too! Of course I’m making some Bead Fest bling to wear to the show. I asked my Interweave coworkers to share the jewelry they’re making for Bead Fest.

Custom Loomed Bracelet and Stylish SuperDuo Bangle

Bead Fest bling

In honor of my first visit to Bead Fest, I created this custom loomed bracelet that showcases the Interweave Press logo. The center logo is the traditional white weave on a blue background; the end logos are reversed. It took a bit of trial and error to create this design in beads, but once I had it sketched out the looming went quickly. Now I just need to coordinate my Bead Fest wardrobe around this bracelet, which I’ll obviously want to wear every day of the show!

Right-angle weave

Lisa Kan’s SuperDuo Spiral Bangle

I’m also stitching Lisa Kan’s SuperDuo Spiral Bangle, which I’ll be demonstrating at Bead Fest. For tips on making this project, including an easy substitute for the rubber cord on the inside of the bracelet, see “Learn Right-Angle Weave and Bead a Stylish Bangle Bracelet.” If you happen to be at Bead Fest, stop by for an in-person tutorial on how to create this simple but stylish bracelet.
—Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

Bezeled Rivolis, Ice Resin, and Right-Angle Weave


Rivolis from the Swarovski Innovations Collection bezeled with seed beads, by Tammy Honaman

I look forward to Bead Fest all year long. It’s a great time for all of us to get together, share new ideas, shop, and show off new designs we’ve made. During the show, you’ll for sure see me wearing this bezeled Swarovski bracelet. If you want to make your own version, follow the instructions in the blog post “Swarovski Crystal Collection Bracelet.”

right angle weave seed bead bracelet tutorial, from seed bead fusion by Rachel Nelson Smith, with Tammy Honaman

Right-angle weave seed bead bracelet tutorial, based on a design from Seed Bead Fusion by Rachel Nelson Smith, with Tammy Honaman

I’ll also have this bracelet on hand because I’ll be demonstrating how to create the resin buttons. You can make your own buttons by following the free project instructions in “Resin Jewelry and How to Make a Resin Button with an Image Transfer.” If you want to make the bracelet, read “How to Make a Right-Angle Weave Seed Bead Bracelet.”
—Tammy Honaman
Editor, Beadwork magazine

Custom Cabochon Pendant

Bead Fest bling

Lately, I’ve been making my own picture cabochons. In fact, I’ll be demonstrating the technique at the F+W/Interweave booth at Bead Fest. So I’ll be making a new one to wear to the show. I haven’t chosen the image yet. A portrait of my cat? A photo of my house? A dragonfly? A little froggy? (I like little froggies.) Something unique and funky? Who knows! But whatever I pick, I’ll use anodized aluminum to make an envelope or sandwich pendant — my picture cab sandwiched between two pieces of metal riveted together. It’s my favorite technique. It’s easy to do, and people always compliment my finished designs. For more on the technique, see “Spring Jewelry Projects: Find Your Jewelry Design Inspiration in Springtime.”
-—Karla Rosenbusch
Managing Editor, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

Extreme Green Necklace

Bead Fest bling

Ceramic Kazuri bead necklace/lanyard

I made this lanyard/necklace for a Bead Fest event several years ago, back when we staff members were wearing name tags over fluorescent green T-shirts. Nothing could tone down that color of green, so I designed a name tag lanyard that I hoped would out-green the shirts. However, I wanted to be able to wear the piece for more occasions than just our shows (or other shows), and I didn’t want to limit it to a lanyard. I created a necklace that’s long enough to also function as a lanyard (24″), and I used a lobster clasp that’s large enough to accommodate an S-hook attached directly to a name tag.
—Merle White
Editor-in-Chief, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

Stamped Metal Cuff

Bead Fest bling

Cuff designed with the Deluxe Jewelry Tools Stamp Set | ImpressArt + Interweave Exclusive Collection, by Hollie Goodman

I’ll be wearing stamped metal jewelry to Bead Fest! We recently partnered with ImpressArt to create an exclusive line of stamps featuring our favorite jewelry tools. I love every stamp we designed, so I created a bracelet with all 10 stamps. Swing by the Interweave booth (#345) at Bead Fest to see these stamps for yourself, or find them in the Interweave Store as a basic and deluxe collection. Aren’t these stamps just too cute?
—Hollie Goodman
Marketing Manager, Bead & Jewelry Group

If you’re attending Bead Fest, stop by the Interweave booth to say hello, check out our jewelry, and show off your own. We’d love to meet you!

Find our projects and more inspiration in the Interweave Store!

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