Bead Embroidery Supplies I Love: Lacy's Self-Adhesive Pattern Sheets

If there were a twelve-step program for bead embroidery and bead embroidery supplies, I should probably look into it. Until then, I'll keep on stitching away on my bead embroidered collars, pendants and cuff bracelets. And to add to my addiction to this amazing beading technique, I now know where I can get my hands on Lacy's Self-Adhesive Pattern Sheets.

Part of the challenge of bead embroidery is creating symmetrical designs in things like collars and cuff bracelets. With the Lacy's self-adhesive pattern sheets, I can draw, copy, or print my designs directly onto the sheet, then cut it to size, peel it off, and apply it to my bead embroidery backing. Voila! That's about as close to perfect symmetry as I'm going to get!

A page of Buddhist coloring book mandala designs, ready to be turned into bead embroidery!
Bead embroidery in progress using Lacy's Self Adhesive Pattern Sheet

I was so excited to try these sheets, I went out and found some copyright-free designs for mandalas from Buddhist coloring books. (Yes, there really is such a thing as a Buddhist coloring book!) I printed a test sheet first (highly recommended) to figure out exactly which way to feed my self-adhesive pattern sheet into the printer. The designs came out perfectly clear and ready to be used in my bead embroidery designs.

A word of caution: if you choose to print on these using an inkjet printer, it's important to give the sheets at least three or four hours for the ink to air dry. (Longer is better, if you can stand it.) Even after drying, the ink did smudge a bit when I was working, but none of it came off on my fingers or my beads.

The great advantage of using the Lacy's self-adhesive pattern sheets is that even if you can't draw (like me), you can still create fabulous designs on your bead embroidery medium. Using the self-adhesive sheets also eliminates the need to draw directly on your bead embroidery backing with a black magic marker, which can sometimes show through after you're finished.

When you've finished your embroidery on the self-adhesive sheet, you just tear it off. What you're left with is a beautiful piece of bead embroidery! These sheets have a lot of potential for bead embroidery projects. Create your own designs, or use copyright-free line drawings like I did to create unique bead embroidery patterns!

I created the Lotus flower design on this bead embroidered cuff bracelet using a Lacy's Self-Adhesive Pattern Sheet.

If you want to try Lacy's Self-Adhesive Pattern Sheets, you can find them at Sparkle Spot Bead Shop. At $3.25 per 8 1/2" x 11" sheet, this is one bead embroidery supply that I will definitely be keeping on hand!

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