Bead Embroidery Expert Sherry Serafini

There are some people whose personality and talents align to flourish into a fantastic career. Sherry Serafini is one of those people. Her free, creative approach to bead embroidery is what draws people like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Grammy winner Melissa Etheridge to seek out and wear her whimsical jewelry designs. And her fine craftsmanship and wonderful teaching style are what compels the thousands of students she has taught over the years to call her their favorite teacher. For all these reasons and more, we are excited to announce Sherry as our Artist of the Month in November!

Sherry Serafini with glasses

It was a great honor to have Sherry visit the F+W Video Studio recently. Sherry shot 4 videos with us, but between times I got to ask her a few questions:

Q: You are a celebrated, international instructor… How was it to be in the studio with just a camera?

A: I was a nervous wreck at first. I am so used to having smiling faces in front of me, so one camera focused on me was weird! I wasn’t sure how to approach a situation where there wouldn’t be people asking me questions. But I got into it after they told me to be myself. The video staff made it fun!

Sherry Serafini and camera

Q: You have dozens of step-outs and finished pieces in these videos. You must have spent months preparing! What was that like?

A: I did spend almost a year of preparation. It looks so quick and easy on film, but you have to mentally prepare and analyze what the viewers will be thinking and seeing. Then comes the physical prepping with a million step outs!


Q: What excites you the most in the bead world right now?

A: I’m excited about watching techniques being combined. The basics are being wonderfully challenged with new materials and applications. All the new shaped beads are allowing endless possibilities as well. I’m excited, too, that I’ve been able to collaborate with some of the bead world’s most amazing instructors to develop some creative approaches. Beading will never be boring!

Q: What’s the next big thing for you?

A: I’ve been nose-diving into beads and fibers. I’m having a fabulous time in my studio with stacks of fiber and fabrics that I want to combine with beadwork. I’ve also gone back in time to my art school days when I minored in cartooning! I’m having fun taking some of my illustrations and making little resin cabochons to use as focals in the beadwork. AND I’m playing with more textured pieces using shaped beads! My studio is a train wreck right now as I have soooooo many projects going on! Can we make time stand still for a while?

Excited as I am to dive into Sherry’s world? Be sure to purchase her collection with all 4 videos included, Bead Embroidery: Four Great Lessons with Sherry Serafini. I got to take a sneak peek at them, so know they are priceless, filled with Sherry’s  great tips and techniques and delivered in her fun, approachable style.

Happy beading!



Jean Cox


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