Bead Embroidery: Behind the Scenes with Kinga Nichols

As the Video Talent Acquisition Editor here at Interweave, I not only find the exceptional talent in the beading and jewelry making community, I work with them every step of the way to prepare so our shoots go well and promise a successful experience for the instructor. This is what makes a great eCourse/video. A happy teacher equals happy students! Butterflies in the tummy and sweating are all part of the process. It’s my job to make sure you can’t tell (Shhhhhh, don’t ever let them see ya sweat)!

Bead Embroidery: Behind the Scenes with Kinga Nichols

Behind the Scenes

I hear it all in the greenroom. From their bizarre eating habits to what brand of deodorant works best under the hot lights, we cover it! Some of it’s TMI for sure but our time together is always filled with laughter, and joy. My goal always being to send them home happy — exhausted for sure but mainly happy!

We were soooooooo lucky to have Kinga Nichols in the studio to shoot five new eCourses on Bead Embroidery and as expected, it was a blast! Kinga’s delightful personality and quirky aesthetic (see her skull bracelet) were pure pleasure, and her level of organization made filming not quite effortless, but pretty close. I asked her to share her experience in our studio with you dear beady peeps, so here she is!

In Her Own Words

“Recently I had the good fortune of filming a series of 5 online courses for Interweave Publishing. The process was really fun and a lot less scary than one (who is as introverted as I am) would assume. Talking to a camera instead of real people can be an intimidating thing. I kept on thinking that it was not a camera, but a curious robot with a perverse interest in bead embroidery, wanting to find out about every aspect of this craft and ever so eager to learn.

Bead Embroidery: Behind the Scenes with Kinga Nichols

On Set

Life is a lot more interesting when you imagine it as you go along. Of course the crew made the process as sweet and smooth as possible. Little would it matter how much I know about the subjects I packed up in my suitcases, if it wasn’t for the expert guidance of Kristal and Kari, who were able to bring out the very best in every scene, always pointing out important things and key points.

Bead Embroidery: Behind the Scenes with Kinga Nichols

L to R: Ted (videographer); Kari (producer); Kinga (amazing talent); Kristal Wick (Video Talent Acquisition Editor)

When you look at videos like this, it’s easy to imagine that the instructor is all by themselves in the studio, but that’s really not how it goes at all. For example, without Ted, the camera man, there would be no neat close-ups. I bead really fast and he constantly had to keep up with my paws moving like crazed field mice over the table. He was in charge of making sure the sound was right too, so the little microphone thingy I had to wear on set was directly hooked up to his earphones. The microphone of course picks up not only speech but rumbling stomachs too, and let me just tell you; it is a humbling experience to know that someone else besides yourself is intimately familiar with the internal language of your borborygmi.

Trying to get Sammy to smile

Taste of Home

On the last day of filming, my puppies got to join us too! Having been separated from them for a while, they were super excited to see me. They are not the most well behaved duo out there, so I hope the footage we got will be useful.”

Watch a preview of Kinga’s course right here!

Be sure to check out Kinga’s new eCourses in our Advanced Bead Weaving Series: Seed Bead Embroidery; Closures with Kinga Nichols. And coming soon, Finishing Touches with Kinga Nichols, Troubleshooting with Kinga Nichols, 3D Layering Bezels with Kinga Nichols, and Unusually Shaped Focals with Kinga Nichols.

Guess what Kinga’s strangest request was on set?

Kristal Wick

Bead Embroidery with Kinga Nichols


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