Bead Editors Share Their Fave Jewelry-Making Projects With You

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
is the editor of
Beading Daily.
Calling all fashion police! It should be mandatory for all jewelry-makers to change their jewelry with the season (of course white jewelry is perfectly acceptable after Labor Day). Add a few more designs to your jewelry closet while watching football with your sweetie or the new season of Hoarders (shhhhhh, my latest guilty pleasure). The change of season is a great reason to whip up some specialty jewelry for you and your bead-lovin’ peeps. I asked a few of my bead-lovin’ editors to pick out their favorite eProjects from the Interweave store. Greatest thing is you don’t have to leave your couch for these beauties!


Melinda Barta Editor Beadwork

"Shopping the Interweave store for a favorite beadweaving pattern is almost like shopping for shoes—you never know when to stop, and, of course, you always need more than one style! Maybe that's why Lori Stroner's Elizabethan Necklace has been one of my all time favorite designs—her use of three different beaded bead patterns is like getting a 3-for-1 deal. The three different styles of beaded beads (all stitched with lustrous pearls) are so versatile I can just imagine using these components for matching earrings and bracelets. Furthermore, stitching up this project is like taking a trip back to geometry class with Lori's clever tetrahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron structures."


Jean Campbell contributing Editor to Beading Daily

"Oh, Kristal, it's just not fair to ask me what my favorite eproject is! I actually troll through the store quite a bit and my favorites change from day-to-day. The projects I'm always drawn to are those that combine a great aesthetic with some technical interest, you know, something that would be enough of a challenge to make. So, as I buzz through the store this morning, I'm quite attracted to Shelley Nybakke's Golden-Edged Ruffles necklace. It's made with metal seed beads, which is a current obsession; it uses a freeform technique; and I know it's something I'd wear again and again."


Danielle Fox Editor Stringing

"Jess Italia Lincoln's Dragonfly Transformation necklace is my favorite in the store. Does it look familiar? That's because it was the cover girl of the Spring 2008 issue of Stringing, one of Interweave's top-selling issues of the year. When the staff saw Jess's piece, we knew it would be a reader favorite, and it was. For me, the appeal is in the watery color palette (I'm a Pisces, after all), the simple beauty of the design (great use of seed beads!), and the clever way Jess used a dragonfly stamping to form a bail around an aqua donut (and I'm not usually a fan of donuts, unless they're of the Dunkin' variety)."

  Denise Peck Editor in chief Step by Step Wire Jewelry

“There's something about the look of fold formed metal that has always grabbed me. It is so primitive, almost crude, as if it were just a found treasure, smashed and worn from the elements. This Fold Formed Bronze Brooch by Helen Breil is so fabulous, with its fold formed bronze sheet and the complementary bezeled stone. I've been meaning to make it since it was published! Now that you've reminded me, I must get started on it!”
  Kristal Wick Editor to Beading Daily

“I love holiday jewelry! Halloween is one of my FAB five holidays and it’s tradition that I make a new piece of jewelry every year. These

Beadwitched Earrings by Mary Yaeger are wonderfully whimsical. I especially enjoy her red and white striped socks! I also like the fact that this project looks pretty easy to make and I have a few BFF’s that would rather wear this wireworked whitchie-poo as a necklace instead of earrings, which is a simple adaptation.”

Don’t get cited with a ticket from the fashion police this season! Join us in making some new jewelry projects for your wardrobe from the Interweave store!

Come bead with me.


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