Bead Crochet

This method is worked with a crochet hook. It forms a tidy chain along the edge. Place a slipknot on a Beaded crochet cord makes a great finish or a strap for other beadwork. Make an initial chain of four (or more) stitches. Leave a bead in each chain stitch by sliding a bead close to the hook before making each stitch. Form a ring of beaded stitches by inserting the hook into the first chain stitch, under the thread carrying the bead. Move the bead to the right of the hook.

Slide a new bead down close to the hook and work a slip stitch by pulling a loop of thread through both the loops on the hook. Make a slip stitch with a bead caught in each of the remaining chain stitches to complete the first round. Continue working beaded slip stitches in a spiral to the length desired.

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