Bead Crochet Inspiration

Wow! When I asked for examples of bead crochet from readers, I never expected such a big response! Not only did I get some great photos, but I also heard some good stories too. For example, Beading Daily reader Ellen Hess designed her first bead crochet bag to take to her son's wedding in Hawaii. She finished it the night before she left. Hmmm . . . that sounds familiar! (Remember A Wedding Story?) What is it about weddings that trigger all this last-minute creativity?

Here are four of my favorites: 

Sylvia Murphy had several stunning pieces, including a bead crochet piece made with amethyst chips and a lovely green necklace with a green cab focal.

Stinta Ekholm from Sweden not only sent a link to her extensive online gallery of bead crochet work (I think she may have ever color combination imaginable!), but she also send a handy translation chart. (Did you know that "virka" is Swedish for "crochet"?)

Julie Smith's designs all have spunk and personality. I get the sense that there's a story behind each design!

Sonia Womble has some eye-catching wire crochet necklaces.

View the entire gallery

Want even more inspiration? Check out the bead crochet designs at the Art Bead Scene blog and the designs on this German website:

Crochet Tips:

"Crocheting with wire is exactly the same as crocheting with yarn, but it is harder on the fingers. Work slowly to avoid making mistakes, because raveling stitches will reduce the workability of the wire and may cause it to break; the appearance of the wire may also be spoiled."—Crochet Jewelry by Waejong Kim and Anna Pulvermakher

"A pair of fine chain-nosed pliers are an invaluable tool for bead crochet. Pliers will help you pull a stubborn thread through your work or break an extra or incorrect bead."—Bead Crochet by Bethany Barry

If you have more tips for bead crochet, please share them in the comments section. I'm curious: Did you learn to crochet with yarn first, then beads or wire? Do you reserve a special crochet hook for your jewelry work?


 Coming Next Week: The votes are in for the free project from Zulu Inspired Beadwork! You'll get the winning project instructions next week, plus I'll have an interview with author Diane Fitzgerald. I'll also share the instructions for the wirework and daisy chain necklace that I created as part of the October/November Beadwork challenge.

Bead-Related Charity Events: I'm still compiling a list of bead-related charity events—from the donation of handmade beads to handmade jewelry being auctioned for charity. I'll share the list in a future newsletter. Thank you! 

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. She's beading on the road today again!

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