Bead Buzz: The Art of Czech Glass Beads

What do you have in common with the Zulus of Southern Africa, a South America Carnival reveler, and a Ukrainian religious idol? You may all be wearing the same beads–beads made by about 900 people in a small mountain village in the Liberec Region of the Czech Republic, also known as Bohemia. The town of Desná is home to the Preciosa Ornela factory, and about 900 of the town’s 3,000 inhabitants work there. In a fascinating article published last year, the New York Times travels to Desná and gets to know the factory, the town, and the history of Bohemian bead production, which dates back centuries. We think you’ll love the article–and your bead stash even more after reading it!

Beads shown: The new Hill bead by Preciosa Ornela

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