Bead and String Reference Chart Poster by The Beaded Phoenix

Don't get me wrong – I love technology. I love being able to subscribe to my favorite beading magazine and have my issues delivered to my iPad, and I love being able to download movies, music and books without having to wait for the mailman to deliver them. But when it comes to certain things, I prefer good old-fashioned hard copies, especially when it comes to my reference tools.

Case in point: the Bead & String Reference Chart Poster from The Beaded Phoenix. This laminated poster fits perfectly on the wall above my beading worktable, and it contains so much of the information that I need to refer to throughout the day whether I'm working on a beading project, ordering beads and supplies or writing a set of instructions.

Some of the information includes examples of round and oval cabochon sizes, seed bead sizes, cord sizes and bead stringing wire thickness, and general measurements and weights. It makes it much easier when I'm ordering crystal stones and gemstone cabochons if I can get a visual estimate of size. Instead of flipping through books or pages looking for my size charts, it's all right here in one place – and I don't need a magnifying glass to see it, either!

While the Beaded Phoenix Reference Chart Poster isn't sized for easy transport, it's perfect for your bead studio or beading corner. The lamination means that you can even punch a small hole in the top and hang it from a hook or bulletin board.

The Beaded Phoenix Reference Chart Poster measures 11"x17" and comes with a handy paper leaflet with more great bead reference information. Order both from The Beaded Phoenix.

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