Basic Metal Embossing How-To

I've been dying to try my hand at metal embossing since coming across some You Tube videos by Sandy Griffiths. She makes it look so effortless, so I thought I'd give it a try on a small scale! Turns out it's super-fun and super-easy!

You'll need a thin sheet of copper, a stylus, rubber stamps, and an ink pad. These items can easily be found at your local craft store:

I placed the copper sheet on a self-healing mat. You'll need a surface that has a slight give for making the indentations with your stylus. Next, stamp your image and let the ink dry:

Use the stylus to trace over the lines of your design, using slight pressure. Note that this is the back side of the finished image, so the final design will actually be a mirror image (especially consider this if you want to incorporate words into your design):

Turn the copper sheet over to reveal the embossed design! Use the stylus to trace around the edges (or other details) of the design, if desired, to give it a little more "pop":

Now you can turn your embossed design into a piece of jewelry. After tracing around a brass blank, I cut the copper into a circle using household scissors. I then glued the copper to the blank using crafter's glue, and used the stylus to pierce a hole (aligned with the existing hole in the blank):

See? Super-easy! I'd love any tips you have for embossing on metal. What other types of metal have you used? What other tools and methods? I think I'm hooked!

Happy crafting!

Debbie Blair, Managing Editor

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