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I had almost forgotten how wonderful it feels to actually finish a bead-weaving project — almost! For NaSeBeMo (National Seed Beading Month), I decided to kick off with a project that I could actually finish before moving on to the mountains of bead-weaving UFOs I have sitting patiently in individual baggies on my work table.

For me, jump-starting my beady brain sometimes requires an object, like these cabone rings I found at my local yarn store. They're smooth wood, so they only require a light coat of paint to blend in with the colors of the beads I wanted to use. I painted three of them, originally picturing a rather elaborate beaded necklace. Instead, I found myself wanting to make a bead-weaving project that I could finish in just a couple of days. There was no pressure, I set no deadlines for myself, and best of all, I found a gentle rhythm to my bead-weaving that I hadn't experienced in a very long time.

I decided to use right-angle weave to cover the painted ring with the beautiful beach-y size 8 seed beads I got from my trip to York Beads in New York City earlier this year. I had no idea what to do with the ring once it was finished, but I beaded on with the faith that something would come to me as I worked, and I wouldn't be left with another UFO in a plastic baggie on my work table. Sure enough, as I stitched, the thought to add spike beads along the bottom of the ring popped into my head! It took a couple of tries to get the spikes attached the way I wanted to, but they went together quickly and easily.

To complete the piece, I decided to stick with my theme of simple but beautiful, and I stitched a quick spiral rope using some of the leftover size 8 seed beads. The perfect closure? An Italian pewter button from Natural Touch Resin Beads jumped out at me from my little box of findings. (I so love using buttons as closures for my beading projects these days — I may have to write a whole blog just about these amazing buttons I find!)

Next up to keep my fingers busily beading, I am motivating myself to finish bezeling the last dozen spikes or so for a bracelet design that I came up with earlier this year. The original used Czech glass gumdrop beads instead of spikes, but these lovely blue Czech glass cup flowers and the 14k gold round druk beads just looked so lovely together, I decided to do a re-make!

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Are you joining us for NaSeBeMo? Are you fining it difficult to keep up with beading a little bit every day? Do you have any blog updates to share with us? Leave a comment, tell us how you're doing with finding some time to bead every day, and post any links to your blog updates for us to read here on the Beading Daily blog!

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P.S. Do you like those right-angle weave-covered rings? Never fear! They'll be a free project here on Beading Daily in just a couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

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