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As I’m sure you all know, there’s always something new to learn when it comes to beading and jewelry making. Whether it’s an intricate technique you’d like to master or a new trend you’d like to incorporate into your work, you never really stop expanding your knowledge.

jewelry making with beadsEven though our staff here at Interweave is comprised of beading and jewelry making experts, they agree that they too still have a lot of learning to do! We asked several of them what they’d like to explore more as bead and jewelry artists. Here’s what they had to say:

Embroidery, done with only a needle and thread, is the first craft I fell in love with. As a child, I made cross-stitch gifts for everyone I knew and I still like to make embroidered pictures. Although I work with beads every day, I’ve never combined my love of thread with my love of beads, so one day I vow to explore the possibilities of bead embroidery. –Melinda Barta, Editor, Beadwork

I would love to have unlimited access to all of the bead colors and finishes on the market. It seems like every week there are more semi-glazed beads, suede beads, and galvanized beads, and I think getting to work with all of these new options could help me develop my sense of color. -Anna Harvilla, Assistant Editor, Jewelry Stringing

I would love to expand my ability to create intricate, architectural designs with seed beads. While I love recreating previously existing designs, I long to intuitively grasp the way these beads work with one another, see a grouping of seed beads, and instantly begin piecing the components together in my mind–and then with my hands. -Megan Lenhausen, Assistant Editor, Jewelry Stringing

The idea of soldering has always intimidated me, but I see so many pieces of jewelry that I would absolutely love to make should I ever get over my fear of holding a torch. However, at the top of my bucket list is learning to use precious metal clay to create beautifully detailed pendants and rings. -Debbie Blair, Editor, Jewelry Stringing

The bead market has been flooded with a huge number of new shaped beads! Bricks, tiles, lentils, crescents, and more… I’ve explored a bit, using Super Duos, Twins, and Tilas, but I’d really like to dive deep and learn everything I can about what this new trend has to offer. -Jean Cox, Editorial Director

And as for me? I’d like to explore more mixed media jewelry making using some of my new favorite beading supplies like gemstone beads, wire, and leather. Techniques like riveting, cold connections, simple wire wrapping, and knotting are my latest obsessions for my handmade jewelry making projects.

DJ_300x250What about you? What would you like to learn more about as a jewelry artist? The New York Institute of Art and Design’s o­­nline jewelry design course aims to arm its students with a strong knowledge of beading and wire working techniques, as well as the business skills needed to sell jewelry and make money doing what you love. Share what skills, techniques, or trends you would like to learn more about in the comments section for a chance to win free enrollment in the course! The deadline to submit your comment is August 8, 2015 at 11:59 PM Mountain time. Best of luck!

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