Avoiding Kinks in Wirework

Has your wire ever developed a kink or bend in it while you're working on a project?

Arlene Baker in her book, Beads in Bloom, offers this advice: “Even though you do your best to avoid kinks, from time to time you will get them in the spool wire. These kinks are susceptible to breaking, so it is important to remove them promptly. As soon as you see a bend in the wire, stop beading. Don’t pull the wire. Don’t use your pliers. Push your fingernail into the bend and force it open. Hold the wire close to the bend and swing the part you are holding around in one direction and then the other until the bend is almost gone. Use your wire straighteners or your fingers to smooth the wire further and continue with the beading. If the wire breaks (and it does happen), sometimes you can add a new piece of wire to the broken end (inconspicuously twisting both ends together), but more often than not it’s better to start the beading over."

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