AVA Beads and RounTrios Shaped Beads

#BeadofTheWeek – 2 New Shaped Beads

When we first received these 3-hole V-shaped beads in the office, it took me awhile to figure out why they may have been named “AVA” beads. Then it hit me—when you line three of them up next to each other, the upside-down beads look like an A and the one in the middle looks like a V, so A-V-A! Clever! I love the variety of colors, from metallic to pastel and gemstone hues, and the fact that two of them perfectly sandwich a DiamonDuo! These will be so fun to play with!


At the same time, we also received the new RounTrios, which are the first multi-hole fire-polished beads! Can’t wait to dig into the possibilities with these babies! By the way, both the AVA and RounTrio beads are from Potomac Bead Company, so check out their website or inquire at your favorite bead retailer!


Happy Beading!

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