August/September 2018 Beadwork Bead-Weaving Patterns

We receive projects for consideration in Beadwork magazine on a rolling basis. My first week on the job as Editor of Beadwork, we reviewed all pending submissions. There were many gorgeous bead weaving patterns, but there was one that made my jaw drop: The dragon cuff with the stitched dragon head — named Ouroboros — after the mythical creature.

We accepted the Ouroboros by Michelle Leonardo and made room for it in the first issue where we could find space – August/September 2018. Our technical editor and resident beading guru, Meredith Steele, was so taken with the design that she made a few in her favorite colors as she worked through the technical aspects of the design. We decided to publish the pattern with and without the dragon’s head. Both the Dragon Scale Cuff and the Ouroboros Cuff will take your skills to new heights.

bead-weaving patterns

Ouroboros Dragon Cuff with freeform sculptural peyote head, by Michelle Leonardo

Michelle continues to design and contribute amazing beadwork — look for her most recent design in the February/March 2019 issue. Michelle also shares a bit of her design process in Try Freeform Peyote Stitch to Bead a Dramatic Dragon Bracelet and she and Meredith brought science to the party in Bead Experiment: PRAW versus tubular RAW with Michelle Leonardo.

We know you will love the designs in the August/September 2018 issue and we are certain that something (or maybe many!) will grab your attention or teach you something new. Thanks to outstanding designs, wonderful contributors, and a dedicated publishing team, every issue gets our best. It’s my pleasure to highlight all of the projects you can find in this issue.

August/September 2018 Bead-Weaving Patterns

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