Artist of the Month: Kelly Wiese!

In case you haven't heard, Kelly Wiese is a total rock star. She makes incredible vintage-inspired jewelry dripping with crystals, and Beadwork magazine was lucky enough to land her as our Artist of the Month! 

We have four brand-new videos featuring Kelly's decadent designs in the Interweave Store and on Craft Daily, all inspired by jewelry of bygone eras, and each representing a different season. Kelly's Victoriana Necklace embodies winter, and Delicate Details Bracelet captures the essence of spring. Wildflowers Necklace is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, and you can welcome fall in style with Modern Visions Bracelet.

Victoriana Necklace

Delicate Details Bracelet

Wildflowers Necklace

Modern Visions Bracelet

FUN FACT: Kelly shot all of her new videos in one take. So when you download or stream one of them, such as Victoriana Necklace, remember that what you see is exactly what was shot. There were no do-overs or multiple versions of the shot, just an amazing artist teaching you how to make her jewelry.

We have four new videos of Kelly teaching her jewelry designs that you can download or stream, but if you want to have all four videos in one package, to watch any time you'd like, we also offer them on DVD. Jewelry for All Seasons contains all four videos together. Jewelry for All Seasons will be in the store later this month, so keep an eye out for it!

I did the quality control for the videos, and I felt confident enough after watching Wildflowers Necklace that when I went home for the evening I made a bezel for a round crystal chaton with no problems. I actually started making another one last night using a variation on the method I learned from the Wildflowers Necklace video for a pair of earrings. I also have plans for a bezeled princess baguette similar to the ones Kelly makes in the Victoriana Necklace video. I know the techniques she teaches will be useful to beaders looking to design their own jewelry, since I've been so inspired after seeing her videos!

If you're interested in learning from Kelly Wiese, check out Jewelry for All Seasons and her individual videos!


Anna Harvilla, Assistant Editor, Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing magazines

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