Are You a Beader?

We beaders have very distinct patterns of behavior, wouldn't you agree? Sometimes, I catch myself doing something, and I think, gee, only a real beader would do something as crazy as this. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Five Warning Signs That You Might Be a Beader

 You might be a beader, if…you haven't seen the surface of your dining room table in the last six months. Yes, this also applies to your coffee table, kitchen table, sofa, or favorite armchair, too. In my case, the beads tend to overflow from my little corner office desk in the living room into the dining room, into the bedroom, and even into the kitchen once in a while. Does those little beads have legs, or what?

You might be a beader, if…you've ever made a New Year's resolution to buy less beads and use more of what's in your stash. Admit it, when you thought about what you wanted to change in 2013, you probably thought that you wanted to do more beading projects to use up all the beads you have in your stash. I did, too, until I saw that one of my favorite online bead suppliers had a brand-new stock of Rizo beads. That resolution didn't even last a week, I'm ashamed to say.

You might be a beader, if…you start six new beading projects before you finished the first one you originally started. This could be why my beads tend to spread themselves out all over the house. I started a bead-weaving project on one of my new Bead On It boards, and then before I was halfway finished with that one, I had an idea for another beading project that I just couldn't wait to get started! Thankfully, I had another empty beading board, so I started that beading project. But then I ran out of room on my desk, so I parked the new project on the dining room table…and so on. It's almost like I suffer from Beader's Attention Deficit Disorder or something.

You might be a beader, if…you have four cabinets full of seed beads, but you don't have just the right color for your current beading project. This happens to me all the time. Yes, I really have four cabinets, each with seven drawers, that are full of seed beads in pretty much every size, shape, and color you could imagine. So why is it that I can never find just the right color for my latest beaded jewelry design idea? I have no idea, but when this happens, it's really hard not to break that resolution not to buy any more beads and use more of what's in my stash.

You might be a beader, if…you'll spend $300 on seed beads, but you buy all of your clothes at the local thrift shop. Not that shopping at the local thrift shop is a bad thing. I mean, my local thrift shop is where I found my favorite cheetah-print cashmere sweater for a mere $2! Saving money on clothes means more money for beads, right? (At least, that's what I keep telling myself.)

If you or anyone you love displays any of these behaviors, chances are, they are a beader. Thankfully, there's no cure for being a beader, except to get out your beads and your favorite seed bead patterns and make something beautiful!

Now, don't worry if you made that resolution to buy less beads this year, because as everyone knows, the Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows at the beginning of February is the place to be for any serious beader! If you're heading to Tucson, Arizona this year to bask in everything beady, you'll definitely want to make sure that you have a copy of the Tucson Show Guide 2013 handy to find out where your favorite bead pushers, er, vendors will be with the latest and greatest in beads, jewelry-making supplies, and beading tools.

Even if you're not going to the Tucson shows this year, having a copy of the Tucson Show Guide 2013 is a great way to have a comprehensive listing of bead and beading supply companies at your fingertips. Use it all year long to stay in contact with your favorite beading supply companies. Or, if you just can't wait to get a peek at what's happening in Tucson this year, the Tucson Show Guide 2013 is also available as an instant download!

So, what do you think? Did I miss anything? Are YOU a beader?

Bead Happy,


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