Another Necklace Making Makeover: Tiny Shell Beads Transform a Cabochon

This year, I'm working on some necklace making makeovers using a stash of vintage and antique jewelry that was given to me by a very dear friend from Los Angeles. Many of my original beaded jewelry designs are inspired by vintage and antique jewelry designs, so I'm really having a great time coming up with new uses for some of these beautiful old pieces of jewelry.

My mother had several beaded necklaces made from strands of tiny drilled shells, and I love the look of natural shells when they're used in bead-weaving and beading projects.

As soon as I saw this three-strand shell necklace in the stash of vintage jewelry from my friend, I knew I wanted to repurpose those shells and use them for something else. I had a wonderful clay sea goddess cabochon in my stash that matched the green shells perfectly, so I decided to go with a green, cream, and rose color palette for the piece, reflecting the colors of the tiny shells. I rounded out my materials with a few strands of matching freshwater pearls and a handful of Twin beads in a matching shade of green.

I couldn't get the whole piece finished over the long weekend, but my plans for this necklace making makeover include finishing the off-center fringe along the bottom, some more embellishments along the brick stitch edge, and a fluffy, embellished spiral rope using more of the shells and freshwater pearls! Once the necklace is done, I want to make a pair of earrings with a pair of matching cabochons from the same artist.

I'm really having a great time looking through all this old vintage jewelry and tearing it apart for new necklace making projects. It's turning into a great way to get me unstuck when I feel like I don't want to bead. Even better, it's helping me to use up a tiny bit of my humongous bead stash!

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How do you mix up your beading projects when you feel like you're stuck in a rut? Do you learn a new technique? Do you tear apart an old piece of jewelry and use the parts for something new? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your tips and suggestions with us!

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