Anklet Inspiration, Part Deux


In last week's blog, I mentioned the fact that my mom was quite fond of the Summer Anklet I shared with you a few weeks ago and subsequently requested one for her birthday!

After checking out several different chains online, and doing some major digging through my stash, I settled on this pretty gold chain from Chelsea's Beads. I loved the juicy colors of the Swarovski Elements crystals in the Watermelon Mix at, and came across a teensy heart locket from MK Beads that just seemed right for this project!

Here's what I used:

Your choice of gold-plated or gold-filled chain

4mm Swarovski Elements crystals

Gold discs

Heart locket

Gold-plated lobster clasp

Eye pins

Jump rings

How I did it:

1. Cut the chain to your desired length (the one shown is about 9 1/4").

2. Using the eye pins and crystals, make 14 simple-loop dangles, adding a gold disk to 3 or 4 of the dangles.

3. Attach 1 dangle to the center of the chain. Add the remaining dangles so they are evenly spaced on the remainder of the chain.

4. Use a jump ring to attach the lobster clasp to one end of the chain, and add another jump ring to the other end of the chain.

5. Cut 2 hearts from the paper of your choice, making sure they will fit inside the locket. Write your desired message and use decoupage or glue to affix the hearts to the inside of the locket. I also painted a thin coat of decoupage over each paper heart once they were affixed to the locket.

6. Use a jump ring to attach the heart locket near one end of the chain.

Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope you enjoy wearing your new anklet all summer long, and thanks for being my biggest fan!

Happy creating!

Debbie Blair, Managing Editor

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