An Entire Year of Beadwork Magazine on CD

I'm one of those people that have resisted buying any kind of e-reader because I like my books and magazines in print.  I like the pages and the smell of the ink on a fresh magazine.  The only thing I don't like about my back issues and books is the amount of space they take up in my tiny basement office.  But there's a solution to all that: I can buy an entire year of Beadwork magazines on CD!

If you love your back issues of Beadwork but just don't have the room to store years' worth of magazines, this could be the answer for you.  Each issue of Beadwork magazine from 2005 is presented in its entirety exactly as it was originally printed.  This way, you can print out one or two pages as you need them or pull them up on your computer and work directly from the CD.  It's a great way to replace lost or damaged magazines. 

And if you love beading and beadweaving projects, there are over 120 beading projects in this collection of back issues from 2005.  Here are a few of my favorite picks from 2005:

This amazing Gazing Pool Necklace by Dustin Wedekind is one of my favorite projects from 2005.  I'm not usually a sparkle and crystal kind of beader, but I love the way Dustin surrounded the half-round Swarovski focal in this necklace with delicate seed beads.
Ruth Ann Grim's intricate-looking Islander Bracelet is much more my usual style.  I can remember making up several of these to give away as gifts to my friends and family, personalizing each one with the recipient's favorite colors. 
Have I mentioned that I'm a total cabochon freak?  This is one of the beading projects that got me started with cabochons.  Glenda Payseno's Royal Carnelian Choker from the June/July 2005 issue of Beadwork gave me an excuse to sit in the air conditioning all weekend while I stitched up this beauty!
Doris Coghill's Pom-Pom Ring was just fun to make.  I even used this pattern to get one of my best friends hooked on seed beading.  They really were like potato chips – we couldn't make just one!
One of the most beautiful (and challenging) projects from 2005 was Jeri Herrera's Her Majesty's Amulet Bag.  This was one of the first peyote stitch projects I ever did that used flat circular peyote to make hexagon shapes, and it inspired me to start experimenting with my peyote stitch cabochon bezels. 

For me personally, this collection is special since 2005 was the year I made my first foray into the world of designing my own original beadwork pieces.  It was a big step for me, working up the courage to submit my designs to Beadwork magazine, but it was so much fun, and I haven't looked back since!

Take a look at the complete Beadwork magazine 2005 collection on CD and see if you can't "make room" for them in your magazine collection!


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