Amethyst & Sterling Silver Pendant Statement Necklace

Sterling silver and amethyst pendant necklace.

The beautiful cabochon amethyst is surrounded by sterling silver and swings from sparkling necklace of faceted amethyst. The softly polished, dome shaped royal purple pendant is remarkable for the depth of color found in it. 

The central amethyst measures approximately 1 ¼ inches by 1 inch. The pendant drop, including the filigree sterling silver bezel is a little over 1 ½ inches.

The necklace is a mix of solid amethyst and unique swirled lighter amethyst and white gemstones in an original design. This blend adds texture and interest to the overall look of the piece. Sterling silver beads and a sterling silver clasp complete the necklace. 

The necklace is approximately 23 ½ inches long.

I love the natural look of the amethyst gemstones. Because they are natural, not died, there is a slight color variation that adds to the unique look of this piece. Hand faceting further enhances the gemstones by adding flash and sparkle.

Metaphysically, amethyst is a gemstone that encourages inner peace, serenity, courage and balance. 

Purple is a royal color – the rich, deep glow was reserved for only the highest members of many societies throughout history. So, you can feel like a serene, beautiful princess as you wear this unique, gorgeous, handmade necklace.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February.

FREE GIFT WRAP. Each piece of jewelry is wrapped in tissue paper and enclosed in an organza bag.

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