All Buttoned Up: Use Some Buttons in Your Necklace Making Projects

My first foray into jewelry-making came when I was five years old. My sister and I would dig through my mother's stash of buttons, selecting the brightly colored plastic and sparkling cut glass buttons to use for necklace making. We strung our button necklaces on whatever we had handy and wore them everywhere we went. Years later, I found myself with a large stash of buttons of my own, some new and some vintage, that I love to incorporate whenever I want to add a unique touch to a necklace making project.

You can find great buttons at your local thrift shop.

Buttons for necklace making can be found anywhere! The best finds are the ones I come across at my local thrift shop. A couple of years ago, my father in law brought home a huge glass jelly jar that was crammed full of buttons. Most of the buttons were plastic, but some were made from wood or metal and all of them were perfect for adding as a lightweight clasp to some of my earthier necklace designs.

Contemporary pressed glass buttons from the Czech Republic come in a variety of beautiful designs!

Some of the new glass buttons coming out of the Czech Republic these days are absolutely stunning. Made with brightly colored glass and set with rhinestones, you can find these new glass shank buttons with all sorts of beautiful designs. During my last trip to New York City for some bead shopping, I found a beautiful Czech glass button with a crane design at York Beads. Two of my more recent finds are two Czech pressed glass buttons from Nikia Angel's Etsy shop: one, of course, has a fantastic dragon design on it and the other has a beautiful paisley design set with sparkling rhinestones!

Vintage buttons, when you can find them, add a wonderful bit of history to your necklace making projects.

Vintage buttons are some of my favorites for using in my necklace making projects. These are buttons with a story — and a history! I've been holding on to a couple of cards of antique buttons that used to belong to my mother, and I've been saving them for just the right beading project. One set is actually covered with fine crochet, and the other is a set of gorgeous, deep ruby pressed glass with tiny metal shanks. These are the kinds of buttons that work well as focal points for necklace making projects, too.

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