All About Pearls: 6 Free Handmade Pearl Jewelry Designs

Who can resist the lure of pearl beads in their beading projects? Beading Daily has assembled a collection of six free handmade pearl jewelry designs just for you! Beading projects include both bead stringing and bead stitching, so no matter what your favorite jewelry-making technique is, there's something for you in this free eBook. This pearl beading project collection includes:

  • Birdsong Necklace by Amber Traden (pearl knotting, stringing, wire work)
  • Amber Opulence by Terry Ricioli (simple wire work, stringing)
  • Raku Rainbow by Diane Vannier (stringing)
  • By-the-Sea Bracelet by Riana Olckers (bead stitching)
  • Figure Eight Bracelet by Julie D'Amico-Beres (bead stitching)
  • Petite Pearls Toggle Bracelet by Csilla Csirmaz (bead stitching, stringing)


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