Aisling Rosary

First one of this little series I've been meaning to do.

This is Aisling. In Gaelic, Aisling actually means 'dream', 'vision', or something of that sort.

However, her inspiration comes from probably one of my favorite movies of all time; Brendan and the Secret of Kells. She is the first in a series of eight, inspired after the wolven fae of the same name from that movie.

She is also the shortest time I've recently spent on a rosary, completed in approximately two or three hours. She's also the easiest I've done in a while, housing only four S-curves as opposed to twelve, fourteen, or sixteen.

Pardon the lighting; we were having issues, so we worked with what we had at the time. I'll probably redo this at some point with more updated photos, but for now, it'll do.

The crucifix piece is faux bone, carved to look like a beetle flying through flowers and thus reminded me of the 'one beetle recognizes another' scene. The centerpiece is silver loops accented with little flowers with gems in them, reminded me that Aisling sprouts little white flowers at times.

The orange Our Fathers with the vines are symbolic to nature, as most fae are in tune with nature around them.

The Hail Marys are glass faceted beads with an iridescent coat on them for any sort of 'fae magick' she may possess, dark green acrylic beads to symbolize her eyes, blue swirled glass beads to give her her trademark regal attitude (since blue dyes and inks in those days was rare to behold and normally used in paintings of holy figures or, in some cultures, royalty). The white beads in the center are both her wolf form as well as her hair, the lines painted on it giving the bead the illusion of having hair of its own.

Up next is Pangur Ban; I just ordered the beads and charms needed tonight, so hopefully those'll come soon.

Aisling is 1 of 8 and is up for sale. Starting price, given that she is a one-of-a-kind, is $300 at lowest.

All the rosaries in this series, individually, are $300. However, if you would like to wait for the entire set to be made, you can pick it up for $800.

In the end, I would LIKE to see the entire set together in one place, but I'm not too picky.

Also, no. I did not draw the Aisling reference pictures on the collage; I just know how to work copy/paste and masking on Photoshop. They are there solely for reference to the character this rosary was based after.

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