African Helix

This traditional African stitch closely resembles a DNA helix, hence the name African Helix. All the actual weaving is done by looping over the thread. This makes for a very flexible, comfy tube that is wonderful embellished or plain.
How to Do African Helix Stitch
You’ll need 2 size 11° seed bead colors (A and B), a needle, beading thread, and a pencil.

  1. Place the needle on the thread and string 3A and 1B four times, leaving a 3" tail. Tie a square knot to form a circle, pass through the beads again, and exit from 1B. Slip the ring over the pencil. It’s okay if there is a bit of space between the beads. If it helps you keep your place, tape the tail thread to the pencil.<.li>
  2. String 3A and 2B; pass the needle under the thread between the next 1B and following 3A. Repeat around the ring.
  3. To make the first loop of the next round, string 3A and 2B; pass the needle under the thread between the 3A and 2B of the first loop of the previous round; repeat around.
  4. Repeat to the desired length. Work the last round with 3A and 1B in each stitch. Pass through all the beads of the last round again to secure.


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