4 Reasons to Fall in Love with Seed Beads

By Jennifer VanBenschoten

Seed bead patterns are kind of a spiritual experience for me. Ever since I watched a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks create a sand mandala using only a set of written instructions (no illustrations or diagrams!), I started to understand that my love of beading patterns went way deeper than just a desire to create a new piece of beaded jewelry.

Many of us see bead-weaving as a form of mindful meditation, and if that’s the case, then our favorite seed bead patterns are like mantras that we can use to calm our minds and give us something to focus on that will leave us relaxed and refreshed. There’s a meaning behind all those abbreviations and diagrams, and once you unlock the code behind a bead pattern, you’ll find yourself experiencing creativity and bliss!

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Passionate Over Seed Beads:

  1. They can be a spiritual experience. Seed bead patterns remind me of the instructions that are used by Tibetan Buddhist monks to create intricate sand mandalas. After a while, the monks have the instructions memorized and can create an intricate work of art. It takes the same type of concentration to make a seed bead pattern as these Buddhist monks use to create an intricate sand mandala!
  2. They’re a learning experience. You can take a peek at the way another designer uses the very same seed beads in your bead stash to create a piece of beaded jewelry. Build on the techniques that you learn when you make up a seed bead pattern, and use those ideas to create your own beadwork designs.
  3. Seed bead patterns are a great excuse to shop—or not. Need an excuse to buy your first stash of some of the hot new bead shapes out there? Two-holed beads, shaped pressed glass beads, new colors, and new finishes are all the rage these days when it comes to glass beads. And it seems like designers are creating innovative beading patterns for these new kinds of beads at breakneck speed, so what better reason could you need to do a little bit of bead shopping? On the other hand, if, like me, you already have a few more beads than you think you might ever use up in a lifetime or two, dig through your collection of seed bead patterns and pick out something to make tonight!
  4. Seed bead patterns are everywhere! You can find them on the internet, in bead shops, in magazines, and in books. There are online shops, like the Beading Daily Shop, where you can browse through literally thousands of seed bead patterns until you find just the right one for your mood, your fashion sense, and your bead budget. Seed bead patterns are accessible to all!

Can you think of a few reasons why we love seed bead patterns so much? I’ll bet you can!

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