5 Signs That You May Be Addicted to Bead-Weaving

It all starts innocently enough: you go out for lunch with a friend, and she says that she just has to pop into her local bead shop to pick up some supplies for a bead-weaving pattern. You go along, completely unaware of what awaits you as you walk through the door, and into the realm of bead-weaving

You are completely overwhelmed – but in a good way – as you walk through the bead shop. The seed beads are calling to you, like a beautiful rainbow of beady goodness, all tucked neatly into their little tubes. You find yourself gently leafing through a bead weaving book of gorgeous patterns for beading, and you think to yourself, “Gee, I wonder if my friend could teach me how to bead weave?”

Pretty soon, you’ve find that you’ve got a tackle box full of tubes of seed beads for bead-weaving. Your book shelves are suddenly full of bead-weaving books. You’re obsessed with learning how to bead weave, and you’ve got pages and folders and binders full of bead weaving instructions. Your family and friends think you might have a problem when they find a couple of tubes of seed beads hidden in the crisper drawer with the iceberg lettuce.

You very well might be addicted to bead-weaving. Check these five signs commonly displayed by those who are addicted to bead-weaving:

1. Beadwork Presents 10 Seed Bead PatternsYou spend more money on seed beads than you do on clothes. This was my first clue that I was, in fact, addicted to bead-weaving. Whenever I needed a new item of clothing for work or school, I would make a trip to my local thrift shop to see what I could find for just a few dollars. Because, really, money saved on clothes means more money to buy seed beads, bead-weaving books, and patterns for beading!

2. You haven’t seen the surface of your dining room table for more than six months. Sure, you have a great little corner all set up for your bead-weaving, but it’s just so…small. So, you take your bead-weaving and you set yourself up on the dining room table. Then you get an idea for another bead-weaving pattern, and you think, well, I have all this room on the table. Pretty soon, your table is covered with bead-weaving instructions, beading boards, tubes and bags of seed beads, spools of beading thread, and all your necessary beading tools.

Ultimate collection of bead-weaving patterns and more.3. You start six new bead-weaving patterns before you finish the one you started. This is why it’s necessary to have more than one good beading tray or beading board for your bead-weaving. No sooner have you made great progress on a bead-weaving pattern than another one catches your eye. Maybe it’s a different bead-weaving stitch, or something that intrigues you in a big book of patterns for beading, but you want to make it right now. No, you HAVE to make it, right now!

4. You find that in the middle of a bead-weaving project, you don’t have the “perfect” color of seed bead, despite the fact that you have four drawers full of seed beads. Somewhere along the line, and I don’t know exactly where, I stopped trying to keep track of all the colors of seed beads that I own for my bead-weaving projects. When I shop for seed beads now, if I see a color I like, I add it to my tray or click on “Add to Cart”. Of course, this might explain how I wound up with almost a dozen tubes of seafoam-green luster seed beads. It also explains why I’ve been making a lot of my bead-weaving patterns with seafoam-green luster seed beads.

5. You spend more time picking out your jewelry in the morning than you do picking out your clothes. Maybe it’s a little weird, but, yes, I have been known to change my entire outfit five minutes before I have to leave the house because it just doesn’t “go” with the beaded jewelry that I want to wear. But when I spend hours and hours working on a bead-weaving pattern, I want to make sure that I wear it so that people notice it! After all, what’s the point of spending months and years learning how to bead weave and stitching up all those patterns for beading if I can’t make a statement with my beaded jewelry?

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If you exhibit one or more of these classic signs, then you, too, may be addicted to bead-weaving. The only course of treatment available is to get right over to your beads and indulge your passion for turning tiny seed beads into delectable works of beaded art! You will find a wide selection of bead-weaving patterns, books and innovative techniques and more at our Beading Daily Shop. Be sure to check out Bead Romantique eBook: Elegant Beadweaving Designs, the ultimate bead-weaving patterns guide, featuring designs inspired by Gothic, Renaissance, Victorian, and Art Nouveau eras. Each project builds on simple elements to create sophisticated designs and incorporate off-loom seed bead weaving, stringing, and wirework. Included are expert design techniques along with detailed instruction and illustrations for every pattern.

We’ve made it easy: everything you need to aid in your bead weaving addiction is right here, so jump right in.