A Handful of Beads

I bought these beautiful borosilicate (boro) teardrop beads from Sonoran Beads at a bead show last fall. I loved the way the beads snuggled up next to one another on the elastic strand and the springtime blue/green color combination.

I wanted to make a lush necklace with them—something that would require at least four strands. Unfortunately, that was completely out of the question, budget-wise. So rather than simply walk away, I bought the one strand I could afford and tucked them into my stash.

Every once in awhile, I'd pull out the beads and study them. Everyone knows that a small amount of beads = a small project. The logical thing to do would
have been to make something small like a bracelet or a pair of earrings.

I'm not a big fan of logic.

Determined to make a necklace, I looked through my stash and found the the crystal teardrops, blue crystals, and clasp—all originally purchased for other projects. The design quickly came together. In fact, the most difficult part was naming it. (Unfortunately, the only name that immediately came to mind was "Blue Light Special"!) I wore the necklace to work, hoping that someone would have a better idea for a name. Kat, our graphic designer, suggested "celestial" and Sandi, Beading Daily's contributing editor, added "sparkle." The instructions for the "Celestial Sparkle Necklace" are below—exclusively for Beading Daily subscribers. Enjoy!

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