A Free Floral Chain Maille Project From Our Friends at Blue Buddha Boutique

The way that I learned how to do basic chain maille was through a series of kits and instructions from the wonderful people over at Blue Buddha Boutique. Just as much fun as a beading kit, the chain maille kits at Blue Buddha Boutique include instructions and all the pre-cut jump rings you need to start weaving your way to chain maille bliss. Really, once I got a few of the basics down (things like opening up your jump rings in advance, learning how to use the little jump ring opener that slips over my finger like a ring), I found myself becoming lost in the lovely rhythms of opening, linking, and closing the jump rings as I created some pretty cool chain maille jewelry.

Because I'm addicted to color, I love that these Double-Triple Flower Chain Maille earrings are made with colored aluminum jump rings.

Double-Triple Flower Chain Maille Earrings

 It's spring (finally!)  While you wait for real flowers to bloom, why not make some cute chainmaille earrings?  This project uses the common chainmaille technique of Möbiusing jump rings to create a double and triple flower chain.  Personalize this project with your favorite colors for spring or any time of year!


For the flowers:

  • 18 (6 each of 3 different colors) Anodized aluminum jump rings, T16 = 16ga SWG 3/8" (9.5m) (Large rings)
  • 12 (4 each of 3 different colors) Anodized aluminum jump rings, L18 = 18ga SWG 1/4" (6.4mm) (Medium rings)

To connect the flowers and add the earwire:

  • 4 aluminum jump rings H18 = 18ga SWG 3/16" (4.8mm) (Small aluminum)
  • 2 aluminum jump rings P16 = 16ga SWG 5/16" (7.9mm) (Large aluminum)
  • 2 aluminum jump rings D18 = 18ga SWG 1/8" (3.2mm) (Tiny aluminum)

1 pair surgical steel earwires


  • Two pair flat nose pliers or two pair chain nose pliers OR
  • Flat nose pliers and jump ring opening tool

Step-by-step instructions:

Prep: Pre-close 3 16 gauge rings of one color anodized aluminum, and 2 18 gauge rings of one color anodized aluminum.

Step 1: With an open extra-large ring, scoop the closed extra-large and close the open ring.
Step 2: Add two additional extra-large rings of the same color through the closed rings from Step 1.

Step 3: Smoosh the two sets of tripled rings together until they intersect. This intersection or "eye" is the path for where your final set of tripled large rings will go.

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Step 4: Complete your triple flower by weaving 3 extra-large rings of your final color through the "eye" from step 3. Set aside.
Step 5: Complete a double flower with your medium rings following Steps 1-4, except each color is now doubled instead of tripled.
Step 6: Weave 2 small rings through the "eye" of your double flower (where all three sets of colored rings intersect) and close the ring.
Step 7: Weave a large ring through the "eye" of your triple flower.
Step 8: Before closing the large ring, wiggle it (it will be a bit tight to weave it through) through one of the small rings hanging from your double flower.

Step 9: Attach an earwire with a tiny ring that is connected to the final small ring from your double flower.

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Bead Happy,


P.S. You can find more tools, projects, and complete chain maille supply kits on the Blue Buddha Boutique website!

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