A Few of My Favorite Blogs: All About Seed Bead Patterns

Seed bead patterns have a lot of power. They have to power to transform a pile of seed beads and a little bit of thread into a work of wearable art. They have the power to transform our emotions and our moods from cranky and irritable to refreshed and relaxed. And most of all, they have the power to transform acquaintances into friends when hours are spent working on them together. Want to experience the power of seed beads in your beading? Check out these four of my favorite blogs about seed bead patterns here on Beading Daily!


How Is a Seed Bead Pattern Like a Buddhist Sand Mandala?

I had my first inkling of why I loved seed bead patterns while spending some time with a group of visiting Tibetan Buddhist monks from India. Watching them create a sand mandala from nothing but a dozen colors of crushed marble sand and their own memories, I started to think about why I loved to create beaded jewelry from seed bead patterns.

Understanding the Lingo of Seed Bead Patterns. Just like any other crafting pattern, there’s a set of abbreviations, or “shorthand”, if you will, that goes along with creating beaded jewelry from seed bead patterns. Understanding what these terms and abbreviations mean can make all the difference when you’re working from a new seed bead pattern!

5 Ideas for Successful Color Schemes in Your Seed Bead Patterns. Because sometimes you really want to make a particular beading project in colors that speak to YOU, it’s fun to change up the colors in your favorite seed bead patterns. Using your color wheel can also provide some more inspiration and insight into creating fantastic color selections that are all you!

Successful Bead Substitutions. Another fun way to change up your seed bead patterns is to swap out one type of bead for another. This is where my “bead fearlessly” motto comes in handy — nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Look for places where you can add your favorite shaped beads, change up bead sizes, or maybe add an extra layer of embellishment.

Do you have a lot of seed beads? Looking for something to do with them all? Check out Beadwork Presents 10 (More) Seed Bead Patterns. Selected by the editors at Beadwork magazine, these 10 seed bead projects are made using all of your favorite beading techniques, including peyote stitch, cubic right-angle weave, fringe techniques, and bead crochet. You’ll improve your beading skills while stitching each of these easy-to-wear beading projects — or, just in time for the holiday season, give them as handmade beaded gifts. Best of all, Beadwork Presents 10 (More) Seed Bead Patterns is available as an instant download, so you can be reading and beading in just minutes. Download your copy of Beadwork Presents 10 (More) Seed Bead Patterns and make a dent in that seed bead stash with these fabulous seed bead patterns!

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