A Fancy Beaded Rope For a Lampwork Glass Pendant

My local farmer’s market is one of my favorite places to buy handmade glass beads and handmade jewelry. Last Sunday, I stopped over to see my good friend Annie who makes lampwork glass beads, and picked up a beautiful little glass leaf.

Annie was one of my first lampworking friends back when I started learning how to make glass beads as I was teaching myself how to do bead-weaving. Now, I have a whole drawer full of her amazing glass creations, including a handful of smaller pressed glass leaves that she made, but there was something about the colors of this pretty pendant that inspired me to whip up a quick beaded rope so that I could wear it right away.


Spiral rope is my go-to beaded rope for when I want a quick beaded necklace to show off a pendant, but for this one, I decided to add a bit of texture by using some little 3mm drop beads that I’ve been hoarding. And because I was feeling like quite the impatient beader, I used size 8 beads for my core in this particular spiral rope.

I chose my seed bead colors based on the delicate flecks of color I saw in the handmade glass leaf. Annie has been working with borosilicate glass for a very long time, and I love the way she brings out the colors of the glass.


To my delight, the beaded rope fit neatly right through the hanging loop of the glass pendant. I had assumed that I would need to bridge that gap between sides by stringing a few size 11 seed beads to fit through the hole, but the spiral rope was just dainty enough to fit comfortably with a little bit of wiggle room.


And in keeping with the tree/leaf/branch theme, I dug up a pretty toggle clasp from Nunn Design to finish my quick little beaded rope.

Finished-beaded-rope-necklaA few hours spent with my beads while I watched a movie, and there it is, ready to go!

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