A Beaded Necklace For Halloween!

I don't usually go for Halloween jewelry, but these handmade ceramic components from Lisa Peters Art were just too good to pass up!

It's no secret that I'm totally addicted to the beautiful handmade ceramic beads and components from Lisa Peters Art. But this handmade ceramic pendant, featuring a line drawing of a tombstone, was a bit

The handmade ceramic tombstone pendant a is a bit more grim than my usual bright cabochons and ceramic flowers.

When I saw that Lisa had included this totally cool handmade ceramic bat cabochon, I just HAD to make it into a beaded necklace for Halloween!

more macabre than my usual picks of ceramic roses and colorful cabochons.

Still, there was something that drew me to this pendant, and I was thrilled when I opened my order and found that Lisa had tossed in a little handmade ceramic bat! Ta-da! I knew I had to make a little Halloween necklace!

I'm not much for dressing up on Halloween, although I do love to see my son and his friends in their costumes and we always enjoy going trick-or-treating. But I thought a little bit of Halloween jewelry that wasn't plastic or glow-in-the-dark would make a great accessory for our traditional Halloween family dinner of barley soup and apple pie!

I used a double-sided adhesive tape to secure the ceramic bat to a piece of bead embroidery foundation and then worked a few rows of beaded backstitch around it. Once the bead embroidery was finished, I added a couple of seed bead loops and attached them to a piece of antiqued brass chain.

The little bone skull went on the other side just above the tombstone pendant, and just for a little visual interest, I chopped up a piece of brown hand-dyed silk ribbon into little bits and tied them onto random loops of chain.

Do you make Halloween jewelry? Are you into making and wearing bright orange jack-o-lantern necklaces with seed beads? Do you make bats and ghosts? Leave a comment on the blog and tell us what kind of Halloween jewelry you like to make, and feel free to post a picture in the Reader Photo Gallery of your favorite Halloween creation!

Bead Happy and Happy Halloween!


P.S. Check out these cute little Bewitched Earrings by Mary Yaeger if you need a quick Halloween jewelry-making project for tonight!

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