9 Perfect Jewelry Designs for Mom

Make it for Mother
Mother is a verb as well as a noun, just like the word bead. Anyone can mother another person (or pet), even guys. Mothering is layered with many activities: caregiver, friend, doctor, financial adviser, banker, chauffeur, maid, event planner, fashion stylist, and on and on. Moms, and Grans, and Nanas too, all wear many hats . . . or perhaps, we should say, many styles of jewelry!

In honor of the variety of maternal units we’ll honor on May 9th, whether they’re many people or all rolled into one mother of yo’ mama, here are 9 styles of jewelry to cover some of the different moms we love. Perhaps yours is one of them—and maybe you're one, yourself!

peyote flower baskets
Peyote stitched miniature flower baskets by Jeri Herrera will delight any mother.

1: Mother Nature
She grows her own tomatoes and insists on a bowl of fresh flowers on her desk. She loves planting things, including ideas in your head for gifts for her, such as these cute little baskets of flowers. Make her a pendant, earrings or a whole bouquet of a charm bracelet.

Create these Cascading Spirals by Sara Richardson for the one who keeps your life from being a total whirlwind.

2: Mission Control
Neatly crafted wire spirals reflect the way this mom controls all the whirlwinds in her life, but always with spirit, as the many colors indicate. She’ll love you for making them with exactly the same number of spirals in each coil.



Hardware chic will make your favorite handy ma'am grin in Dustin Wedekind's design, Playing with Pins.

3: The Fixer

She has a power drill and knows how to use it, built rover Rosie her own doghouse, and can change a tire in less than ten minutes. Give Ma this cotter pin necklace to show her that her brawn is beautiful!



Ladder-stitch a  bracelet and pair of earrings with crystal pearls in a ladylike design by Maria Rypan.

4: Queen Mother
Mother is always a lady, first and foremost. She still won’t wear pants to church, carries her purse on her arm not her shoulder, and puts on lipstick to go to the market. Pearls are the perfect way to treat her royally.

Celebrate Christmas with beaded beads by Nancy Zellers. Change the colors and Mom can celebrate everything!

5: The Decorator
You always knew what to celebrate, from sports to the spiritual, because of the constant flow of new decorations at home. Nary a week went by that your front door, yard, and windows didn't have something new, whether wreath, inflatables, or flags. Adorn this mother with festive jewelry, such as these red and green ornament beads.

Bursting with color, Elemental! by Yvonne Irvin is fab for the mod mom.

6: Thoroughly Modern Mommy
Who needs a fashion magazine when you can tell the latest trend by seeing what your mom wears? Embolden her with the latest hot colors and floral motifs in this eye-catching suite. Watch out for the paparazzi.

The Horn Disk necklace by Jean Campbell looks tribal but was inspired by Elizabethan collars.

7: Mamasita
A true citizen of the globe, this Mama-san enjoys styles from far-off places, or at least, far off from suburban America. This design evokes the exotic and brings the world to her doorstep, or rather, to her wardrobe!



Seaside by Kristal Wick is a visual treat of collected oceanic charms and colors.

8: Ocean Gypsy

She taught you to swim, paddle a canoe, and has seashells on the windowsills. You thank her now for making you wear a T-shirt on really sunny days at the beach when you were a kid. This necklace captures the flotsam and jetsam of your mere’s beloved mer.



I bet your mom is game enough to wear Viva Las Fringes by yours truly, Leslie Rogalski.

9: Ladies Night
Mom and her posse of girlfriends have played cards every Thursday for years. You suspect her skill in canasta helped put you through college and now funds her weekly mani-pedi. Win her over with fun fringes.

Find more ideas for every mom in the Interweave store. There’s plenty of time before May 9th to download and create!
(PS: Happy Mother’s Day, Gladys Lillian and Claire Marie!)


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