8 Easy Steps for Making Resin Jewelry

Jean Campbell Resin Bezeling Trick  
I do a lot of beadwork: tiny needles, thin thread, and infinitesimal beads. I do this at home, of course, but sometimes also in public. If you BIP (bead in public), too, you know the activity makes people very curious and usually draws comments like, “Wow, you must be patient” and “Jeez, that’s pretty obsessive.” True . . . and true! But that doesn’t mean I’m a generally patient, obsessive person. Heck no. I like to be instantly gratified as much as the next gal. When I’m feeling that way, I pull out my more crafty jewelry-making supplies.

This week my instant gratification was inspired by Exploring Resin Jewelry-Making with Susan Lenart Kazmer. I was compelled to watch the whole thing after getting a sneak peek on Beading Daily, where Susan describes using spices and herbs, right from her kitchen, to color the material. How cool is that?

After watching, I got out some resin I received recently from Lisa Pavelka and tried Susan’s trick of filling an open-holed bezel by backing it with a piece of tape. It’s a great trick for making resin jewelry. Let me show you how.

1: Cut a piece of thick, flat, strong tape (I used clear packing tape) and stick it securely to the back of the bezel.
Resin 1 2: Drop in some resin that fills the back of the bezel, covering the tape.
3: Use tweezers to carefully place an item on top of the resin. (I’m all about Steampunk these days, so I’m using watch parts here . . . )
4: Add more resin on top of the item.
5: Add more items to the resin, carefully adjusting their positions with a toothpick.
6: Add more resin to completely cover the items so the resin is even with the top of the bezel. If necessary, remove any bubbles by pulling them to the side with a pin or by quickly passing a flame over the top of the bezel.
7: Let the resin dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Lisa’s resin requires UV light to dry, so I placed mine on the windowsill, and it dried in about 15 minutes.
8: Once dry, carefully peel the tape from the back of the bezel

Pretty easy, huh? Here is the video clip from Susan’s workshop DVD that got my resin jewelry making adventure started. The Exploring Resin Jewelry-Making DVD is definitely a good find.


What jewelry-making tricks do you use when you need instant gratification? Please share your ideas below!

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