7 Fast & Fabulous Romantic Reasons to Make Jewelry, Today

No matter the season or trends, there is always time for romance. And what better way to bring some romance into your day then through your accessories! With a little bit of pink, warm vintage components, some fabric and ribbon, and of course hearts, you can’t go wrong. The June/July 2018 issue of Beadwork magazine brings you seven Fast & Fabulous romantically inspired jewelry designs. What’s even better, these designs are made using basic jewelry-making techniques so they’re well suited to all skill levels. Here’s a quick glimpse at what’s in store for you.

Summer Daisies

modern romance

Summer Daisies by Debbie Blair

Debbie Blair combines sweet patterned ribbon with a botanical-themed pendant to create this monochromatic, soft hued necklace. The luster of pearls and the patinated chain lend richness and warmth to the overall aesthetic.

Love is in the Air

modern romance

Love is in the air by Anne Perry

Anne Perry uses linen thread to combine beads in a bold cranberry color with sweet doves. This love-inspired necklace is perfect for dressing up for work or dressing down for a day of shopping with your friends. I’m particularly fond of and drawn to the button used as the focal in this necklace.

Boldly Romantic

modern romance

Boldly Romantic by Deb Floros

Deb Floros makes a statement with the silver focal in this necklace. Made by stacking filigree in different sizes and patterns, the metal focal is taken to the next level thanks to the sparkling crystal in the center. The large pink beads and rhinestone rondelles bring a softness and femininity to the design that is both vintage and romantic.

She Walks in Beauty

modern romance

She Walks in Beauty by Debbie Blair

Debbie brings us another very romantic and feminine necklace in her “She Walks in Beauty” project. Inspired by the Lord Byron poem of the same name, the beads in this design are soft in color and the ribbon soft to the touch (it’s really pretty, too!).

Stitched with Love

modern romance

Stitched with Love by Kristina Hahn Eleniak

Kristina Hahn Eleniak wears her heart on her sleeve, uhm, I mean around her neck. Here she shows how fragile our hearts can be but also how resilient. By stitching a broken heart together with strong leather cording tied in a sweet bow, her heart is ready for anything! Softened by the feminine fabric, this necklace is one you can wear anytime, even if you’re feeling bold rather than romantic.

Boho Bouquet

modern romance

Boho Bouquet by Kristina Hahn Eliniak

Bright beads and soft leather add a nice touch and bring the floral elements in the pendant together. Overall, the design of this necklace, also by Kristina, makes for a very cohesive, romantic design. I’m very intrigued by the pressed flowers in the pendant and know I will get lost wondering about the fields they grew in while wearing one of these beauties.

Romance à Versailles

modern romance

Romance à Versailles by Rejetta Sellers

The pendant in this necklace is a stand out and what drew us in immediately upon receiving this submission. Then, as we reviewed Rejetta Sellers necklace, we had to bring it to you in this collection, as we knew it would draw you in, too. The pendant, the fabric, the flowers, and vintage buttons are the epitome of romance and Rejetta brings them all together expertly.

Each of these patterns is available in the June/July 2018 issue of Beadwork or independently in our Fast & Fabulous Modern Romance Pattern Pack.

Do you have a favorite from this collection? Or do you have something that inspires you to design with a romantic flair? Please share your thoughts in the comment section, below.

Editor, Beadwork magazine

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