6-Strand Pearl and Crystal Wedding Bracelet


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  No wisdom here on that question, but I can tell you that if you whisper the word "wedding" in an empty room, everyone within 50 miles will hear you–and regale you with wedding stories! When word got around the office that I was going to write about beaded wedding jewelry this week, I heard from many others who had personal wedding jewelry stories to share, including Stringing editor Danielle Fox, who shares some photos and wedding jewelry memories below.


Heather’s Wedding Jewelry
Danielle Fox

I’ve never enjoyed making jewelry more than when I made my sister, Heather’s, wedding jewelry. I knew it had to be special—after all, she had asked me to make her something she would be wearing on the happiest day of her life and forever after in the photographs taken of the day. Talk about pressure!

Far right: Bride Heather with her jewelry-making sister Danielle

beaded-wedding-jewelry beaded-wedding-jewelry


In keeping with the simple beauty of Heather’s strapless off-white lace dress, I made a classic one-strand “pearl” necklace with light cream rose Swarovski pearls mixed with clear and silk (my favorite!) Swarovski crystals. To match, I created dangly earrings and a bracelet with more than 60 Swarovski pearl and crystal dangles (but who’s counting?)—an exercise I’d recommend to anyone who wants to perfect their wrapped loops and develop arthritis. All joking aside, my sister loved her jewelry, she looked gorgeous in it, and that, we all know, is what it’s all about.

Is there any other type of jewelry that is made and worn with so much love? I doubt it.



Free Project: Rachael's Wedding Bracelet

Long-time Beading Daily readers might remember Rebecca Campbell's story last fall about creating some special jewelry for her sister's wedding ("A Wedding Story"). After several readers requested the instructions, Rebecca agreed to share the steps for the bracelet she created the morning of the wedding. Talk about giving the bride "something new" to wear!


This monochromatic bracelet uses elegant pearls and crystals. It also features crimp covers, which are a polished way to cover the crimps, making them look like little silver rounds. (For help with crimp covers, see the techniques page on the Beading Daily website.)

At right: The bride Rachael walks down the aisle with her father.


Free Project: Rachael's Wedding Bracelet by Rebecca Campbell


So, what's your story?

If you have wedding jewelry stories or tips to share, please post them on the website. I'd love to know–freshwater pearls or Swarovski–which do you prefer? What other types of beads work for weddings? Have you ever finished up a piece the day of the wedding? I personally have been asked to fix the clasp on a bracelet in between wedding photos. That moment was a weird twist on the cliché, "Is there a doctor in the house?"




Michelle Mach shares free beading projects and tips every Friday. If you have comments or questions for Michelle (or suggestions for future free projects), please post them on the website.

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