6 Free Bead-weaving Patterns: Herringbone Stitch and Right-Angle Weave

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
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If you love beads (and who doesn't?), then today is your lucky day! We're happy to present six beautiful bead-weaving projects for you FREE, my beady peeps! The three herringbone-stitch projects have four or more different stitches in each piece. What a great way to explore a variety of stitches in a single project.

Wild Ruffle by Tina Koyama

This bracelet was inspired by a variation of the Zulu-spearhead peyote stitch that Tina learned from a class taught by Val Thorson. Unlike most herringbone bracelets, it is worked lengthwise instead of widthwise, which creates the spiky fringe on the edges that is characteristic of the Zulu-spearhead design.


Café Society Bracelet by Cary Bruner

This jewel of a bracelet was created by chance. Cary originally wanted to do something with seed beads and crystals in peyote, but instead ended up using brick and herringbone stitches with wonderful results.

Plum Blossom by Lisa Kan

Inspired by the beautiful plum-blossom trees that line the front of Lisa's home, this opera-length necklace exudes a modern-day flapper feel.

Silver Comet by Leslie Rogalski

These dramatic earrings are actually just 90° turns of basic flat right-angle weave; they hang askew on the ear wire like zigzags of the night sky!

Triple Quatrefoil by Tina Koyama

When Tina chose to work with this pretty pattern, she immediately saw right-angle-weave stitches. The quatrefoil shape can be seen in the bracelet base, in the three-dimensional embellishments, and even in the clasp attachment (thus, the project name).

Egyptian Cuff by Shelley Nybakke

This metal-bead cuff has just the right amount of crystal sparkle, worthy of an Egyptian princess. Worked in segments, the multilayer right-angle-weave rectangles are first woven, then connected with loops of beads.


Good luck deciding which beauty to start with! I know I'm having a tough time myself. No matter which one floats your beadweaving boat, have fun!

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