6 Bead-Weaving Trends from Fall Fashion Week 2018

Fashion Week is an exciting time in New York, Paris, and Milan. Runways filled with beautiful (and sometimes strange) outfits to inspire the next season of design, and the Fall 2018 season is finally here! Check out these six bead-weaving trends inspired by Fall Fashion Week to add to your wardrobe today.

Fall Fashion Week

Christian Dior: Runway: Victor VIRGILE/ Getty Images; Vortices Bracelet by Kassie Shaw; Aral Sea by Agnieszka Watts

1. Herringbone

One of the most popular bead-weaving stitches creates the same pattern seen all over the runway this season. Try your hand at the herringbone stitch with Kassie Shaw’s Vortices Bracelet or Agnieszka Watts’s Aral Sea bracelet. You can also incorporate this trend into your own designs by learning the ins and outs of the stitch. Enjoy learning from the pages of Mastering Herringbone Stitch eBook or through video download Beadwork: Herringbone Stitch – Basics and Beyond all by bead weaving expert Melinda Barta. While some trends fade with the season, I predict this stitch will be popular beyond Fall 2018!

Fall Fashion Week

Starstruck Earrings by Kelly Wiese; Giorgio Armani: Runway: Dominique Charriau/Getty Images; Gala Necklace by Kelly Wiese

2. Oversized

Runway trends don’t often translate into everyday wear and this trend is a little over the top to be worn easily. That doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful and noteworthy. In Kelly Wiese’s eBook Exotic Adornments: 18 Luxurious Beadwork Jewelry Projects, she uses ornate bead weaving to create oversized masterpieces. Some of the designs pair well with jeans, like her Starstruck Earrings, but others are definitely special occasion jewelry. Unless you are embracing the oversized trend, and you are braver than I am, the Gala Necklace is one I’ll be saving for a very special night.

Fall Fashion Week

Christian Dior: Runway: Dominique Charriau; Ruffled Tapestry Cuff by Melinda Barta; Modern Patchwork Bracelet by Marina Montagut

3. Patchwork

As a quilter, I’m always partial to patchwork. I love the way it feels—cozy and homemade. If you’re like me, try beading Melinda Barta’s Ruffled Tapestry Cuff or if you are looking for a cleaner look try Marina Montagut’s Modern Patchwork Bracelet. Either way, I can’t get enough of this trend!

Fall Fashion Week

FASHION_INDIA_SONI_KARAN: CHANDAN KHANNA/Getty Images; Thistle Blossom Bracelet by Kassie Shaw; Blooming Tartan Bracelet by Katie Dean

4. Floral

Flowers are everywhere this fall! While flowers are usually more spring-like, floral designs are the hot new trend this season. Create Kassie Shaw’s Thistle Blossom Bracelet or Katie Dean’s Blooming Tartan Bracelet and show off your floral beauty. Looking for even more flowers? Check out Nichole Starman’s Video Download Floral Patterns and Crescent Beads!

Fall Fashion Week

TOMMYNOW by Tommy Hilfiger: Catwalking/Getty Images; Es-o Express Cuff by Cecil Rodriguez; Supple Cellini Lariat by Susan Sassoon

5. Red

Red is the color of the season and I can’t get enough of it. My color palette leans towards muted with a bold accent color and red works perfectly. Try Cecil Rodriguez’s Es-o Express Cuff, a pattern that utilizes shaped beads in a way that is quick and fun to make. Pair it with jeans and a blouse for the perfect way to translate runway to everyday. Find more of Cecil’s designs and read about her inspiration here!

Fall Fashion Week

Vivetta- Runway RTW: Catwalking/Getty Images; Silver Tie Affair by Glorianne Ljubich

6. Bows

Now how do you incorporate bows into your beading? Glorianne Ljubich has the answer with her elegant Silver Tie Affair necklace. This pattern uses right-angle weave, peyote stitch, picot, and even herringbone to create a stylish, sleek necklace. Bows are in, and what better way to play up this trend than with this stunning design?

Which trends inspire you? Will you be joining in on the fall fashion or go with a more classic design? Let us know in the comments!

Happy beading!
Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

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