5 Tips for Winning Beading & Jewelry Making Competitions

The new Interweave Jewelry, Bead & Gem Arts Awards is open for applications now until July 1, 2020. The grand prize is $1000 cash and a subscription to Beadwork or Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, with a $250 prize and subscription for four category winners, plus, 10 honorary mentions. We’d love to see your entries in this jewelry making competition!

ABOVE: Part of her series Take the Long View, pendant design by Noël Yovovich; photo: Jim Lawson; Agave Cuffs by Wendy Ellsworth

Tamara Honaman is the Interweave Director of Content and the Editor of Beadwork. She has been instrumental in starting the new competition and says, “We are so excited to be kicking off our new contest, and I’m honored to be on the panel of judges this year—it’s like having a front row seat on the red carpet. As you plan your entry, I wanted to share a little insight as to what I’ll be looking for from you. I love to see designs that are new and different—different from what’s currently trending and maybe, different altogether—so think outside the box!”

5 Tips for Winning Beading & Jewelry Making Competitions

  1. Enter your best work, with design originality and careful craftsmanship. Details really do make the difference.
  2. Read the entry rules and follow them to the letter. Check the FAQs for more information.
  3. Make sure your photographs show your beading or metalwork in the best possible way.
  4. Seek support from your online community. Even though you can’t share photos of your submissions before they’re judged, you can let people know you’re working on a contest submission and ask for their input about colors, techniques, and more.
  5. Enter more than one piece to increase the possibility that your work will catch the eye of the judges.

Tamara advises, “Quality construction is paramount. In beading, this would mean no loose or stray threads, no missing beads in your pattern, and a pleasing color palette. In jewelry, I will look for clean solder joins, neat wire wraps, and a well-finished surface—this doesn’t mean you have to have a high polish but definitely strive for a uniform finish that is consistent with your design. Wearability is also a factor for any jewelry design—that isn’t to say you can’t have an avant-garde flair. Most importantly, enjoy the process as that will shine through—no matter beading, soldering, gem cutting, or creating a sculpture.”

Interweave bead jewelry competition

Interweave’s Jewelry, Bead and Gem Arts Awards 2020

Presented by

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and Beadwork magazines

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Editor Merle White has played many roles in her 35 years in the jewelry industry, and she’s looking forward to jurying this new competition. Merle says, “This is a wide-open competition that celebrates the broadest interpretation of the jewelry arts. We’re looking for jewelry, beads, gems, and related non-jewelry objects that have been executed in any materials and with any techniques. So, draw on your strengths, stretch, let go, and create. But remember, all work will be judged solely on the basis of the images you supply. Let us see how fabulous your work really is by submitting images that do it justice — so we can, too.” Get your entry ready now.

About Interweave’s Jewelry Making Competition

Deadlines & Fees

Early Bird Deadline: 6/1/2020

Early Bird Fees: Entries received by midnight EDT 6/1/2020 require a fee of $30

Deadline: 7/1/2020

Fees:  Entries received by midnight EDT 7/1/2020 require a fee of $35


1 Grand Prize Winner will receive:

·         $1000 in cash
·         A 1-year subscription to the magazine publication of his/her choice: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist or Beadwork

4 Division Winners will receive:

·         $250 in cash
·         A 1-year subscription to the magazine publication of their choice: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist or Beadwork

10 Honorable Mention Winners will receive:

·         A 1-year subscription to the magazine publication of their choice: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist or Beadwork


Jewelry, Non-bead, that may be worn on any part of the body that is not primarily bead jewelry. Pendant parts may hang from beads and beads may be incorporated with other components, but pieces must be primarily non-bead jewelry.

Beads, including individual focal beads and bead jewelry that may be worn on any part of the body. Other items may be incorporated, but pieces must be primarily bead jewelry.

Gems for jewelry or collector use, including composites, using any gem cutting technique or combination of techniques.

Non-jewelry or  Non-jewelry-use Objects,  including functional and non-functional pieces, made with jewelry-making techniques including but not limited to metalsmithing, beading, and gem cutting.

A select number of additional winners may be chosen for publication in our magazines.

Rules & Guidelines

Open to any jewelry designer/maker, bead designer/maker, or gem designer/lapidary. Entries must be submitted here by the designer/maker or lapidary, or in cases of collaborative work, the principal designer/maker or lapidary.

Continue on to the contest page for the rest of the jewelry making competition rules and guidelines.

Contact Interweave Competitions at craft-competition[at]goldenpeakmedia.com

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