5 Steps for Planning Your Next Jewelry-Making Staycation


I do believe my parents invented the first "Staycation" many years ago when I was in Jr. high School. Minnesota winters are hard and were especially brutal on my poor mom. In an attempt to cheer her up when the temps hadn't risen above zero in weeks, my dad decided to throw her a tropical party. This wasn't your usual beach-themed party with colorful napkins and matching plastic ware. Oh no, my father did everything Over-the-Top (I wonder where I picked it up), he had the entire living room floor lined with plastic and a dump truck of sand poured in! They filled the living room with sea shells, placed sun lamps everywhere (those were the days before we worried about UV), played Hawaiian music for a week while they prepared for 65 guests with umbrella-donned Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, and pu-pu platters.


Tiny Bubbles

I still remember the snow and wind howling outside as the partygoers trudged in wearing Tommy Bahama shorts, Hawaiian shirts, leis, and snow boots! As Hawaiian ukulele music played loudly, ocean waves splashes on the VCR, and they all took turns at the limbo, the entire bunch joined in the festivities and completely forgot they were still in Siberia, I mean, Minnesota, and the white stuff outside was snow, not a warm white sandy beach. And my mother once again, survived another Minnesota winter!


The perfect accessory for a beach-themed staycation


Leisure Trends

Over the past few years, staycations (time in which an individual or family stays and relaxes at home, possibly taking day trips to area attractions) have become increasingly popular for many reasons. Anything that helps save money for more beads gets double thumbs up in my book! Instead of bringing in a dump truck full of sand, maybe you'd like to try a jewelry-making theme. I'd like to share my

top tips for planning your next jewelry-making staycation!


5 Simple Steps for Your Next Staycation

1. Start with a new project, book, or DVD. I'm beyond excited to dive into Sharilyn Miller's new book, Wire Art Jewelry Workshop. As you turn the pages, you can practically smell the ocean breeze, and the images are filled with seashore treasures such as starfish and sea shells. The color pallets inspire you with their seaside ambiance and wind-worn wood right off the dock; the perfect way to move you into that sunny, relaxing on the beach, staycation vibe. I've included a seek peak at a few of Sharilyn projects.



Faux 4-in-1 bracelet


Snake vertebrae earrings

  Heart shaped head pins


2. Decide if you're traveling solo or bringing a guest (you don't even need any frequent flyer miles for this trip!). Maybe your BFF needs some down time, sipping, chatting, and chilling while creating some jewelry masterpieces to wear when you get back to the "mainland" (your office).


3. Food and drinks are a must for every successful staycation. Perhaps you enjoy cooking ahead, or planning a slow cooking crock-pot creation you can keep going all weekend long. Drinks MUST be pretty. They do not need to contain alcohol but a foofy drink umbrella is mandatory (you can find these at any party or craft store).


4. Music is key for entering the chill zone. Play some tropical island or reggae music (dancing is highly encouraged and will surprisingly bump up your jewelry-making skill level-don't worry, nobody can see you).


5. Splurge and include one of the following for the ultimate staycation experience:

Massage, mani-pedi, cabana boy, pizza delivery, shopping for more jewelry-making goodies.


Join me and plan your next staycation inspired by Wire Art Jewelry Workshop. Be sure to take pictures and post them on our Beading Daily Forums-Reader Showcase.


The best is yet to bead!



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