5 Organization Tips for the New Year

Two things have recently inspired me to finally get better organized in my craft room: during a holiday break from work, for some reason my nesting instinct kicked in and I started cleaning out closets and cabinets like crazy, which then carried over to my craft room; as a Christmas gift, I received an online class in precious metal clay, plus all the tools to go with it. I realized I needed to clear some of the clutter in order to better focus on my new craft.

Here, five tips that you can apply to your own creative space:


Create a craft space

Whether a spare room, the corner of a room, or a desk area, it's important to carve out a space where you can create. I love this idea Katie Vyktoriah shows us on her blog, A Mother Thing, where she uses an old baker's rack in one corner of the room.


If you don't have a dedicated space where you can leave your materials set up, create a portable station with a storage bin or tray that you can move from your kitchen table into a closet, under your bed, or wherever you stash the rest of your goodies.

Cut the clutter

Start out by buying a few organization items to stuff your things in and label them. I purchased a number of inexpensive baskets at my local dollar store to place in several rows on existing shelves. I plan to create some stylish labels in a fun font on my computer, which will save me time in the long run. No more digging for that one particular tool or set of paints! (Baskets shown are from Target.)

Reduce and recycle

Get rid of things you haven’t used in years. I know this can be particularly tricky for us beaders and all-around crafters. Organization experts recommend using a similar approach with your wardrobe—if you haven’t worn something for a year, get rid of it! So far most of what I’ve cleared out of my space are magazines–I can’t quite let go of materials that may be put to good use in mixed-media jewelry down the road!


Freshen it up

By painting the walls, purchasing a new piece of furniture, or moving things around a bit, you will feel more energized and may even find a fresh approach to projects that have had you stumped! Make your space someplace you will want to spend your time!

Invest in good lighting

Daylight is best, so if you can set up your craft table near a window, that's ideal (as long as you work during daylight hours!). Otherwise, consider investing in good lighting, such as an Ottlight. I love my Craft Caddy lamp (shown at left), with its removable storage compartments and the extra electrical outlet built right in to its base.

Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to an organized space in no time!

Happy creating,

Debbie Blair, Senior Editor

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