5 New Treasures in My Bead Stash

I went at little bead crazy at Bead Expo Portland. Maybe it was the crazy weather (sun-rain-hail-snow!). Maybe it was the fact that the last bead show I attended was back in September and I was feeling a bit bead deprived. Maybe it was the huge bead allowance I was given by my boss to spend. (Just kidding! I spent my own money on beads–who needs new shoes anyway?)

In any case, I thought it would be fun to show you snapshots of a few new treasures in my collection. Maybe you'll be inspired. Maybe you'll just think I'm crazy! It's worth noting that while I followed Jean Campbell's great advice to make a list ("12 Bead Show Tips") before the show, none of these things were on my list!

I love all types of chain. I was especially entranced by the drape of this chain from Bello Modo, as well as the gunmetal color. Short snips would make easy earrings and a longer piece would make a dramatic necklace.

Glass Eyeballs
I bought these eyeballs for a friend of mine (really!) who is working on a sculptural project that required a dozen eyeballs. He's been looking forever and been uninspired by the typical doll eye selection. The lampwork artist is Ralph McCaskey of Nightside Studios, who you might remember I interviewed last year for Beading Daily.

Porcelain Vessel
Off Center Productions had a range of old-looking beads, including this ivory-colored vessel that looks like an archeologist's discovery. There are holes on the side to string it onto a necklace and of course, you could fill the inside with beaded flowers or another beaded creation.

Vintage Lucite Flowers
I don't have much vintage Lucite in my bead stash, but I loved these pastel flowers at Trinkets by T Vintage Crystal Beads. I thought a bunch of them–maybe with some pearls?–would make a very sweet necklace.

Funny Wooden Bead
How can you resist a bead that makes you laugh? I spent a long time at Table, Chairs and Beads (no website available), looking over the various sayings she had on the beads.

Coming This Week: On Wednesday, Jean Campbell shares tips and ideas for culling seed beads and on Friday, I'll share instructions for the chain maille and strung necklace I created for the April/May Beadwork challenge.

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