5 Jewelry Trends to Spice Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring weather makes it difficult to know what to wear on any given day. As I looked for some wardrobe inspiration from fashion blogs, I didn’t notice the clothing, but I did notice the jewelry. My take away here is it’s best to wear basic colors, then spice up your wardrobe with stunning necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories. Kelly Wiese’s book Exotic Adornments features several projects highlighting five jewelry trends that will add some eye-catching embellishments to your outfits no matter the weather!

1. Statement Jewelry

Jewelry Trends

Glitz and Glamour Necklace by Kelly Wiese

If you are looking for jewelry that will make you stand out, this is the trend for you. Statement pieces draw attention by being big and bold. It tells a story with its uniqueness. You may think that statement pieces need to be complex, but Kelly leans more toward jewelry that looks complex but is actually quite simple to make. Her Glitz and Glamour Necklace is made of 86 small components that look stunning when pieced together.

Jewelry Trends

Lotus Necklace by Kelly Wiese

Some of Kelly’s other pieces even come with stories. Her Lotus Necklace is made of large pear crystals that reminded Kelly of the petals of a lotus flower. She created her Swag Necklace out of bits and pieces of a failed bracelet that turned into a stunning bezeled necklace.

jewelry trends

Swag Necklace by Kelly Wiese

You don’t have to search too hard to find dozens of statement pieces perfect for any occasion in Exotic Adornments. These pieces are stunners on the runway, but they also lend themselves to everyday outfits that just need some sparkle to make them pop.

2. Restyled Baroque

jewelry trends

Captured Crystals Choker by Kelly Wiese

The Baroque period inspired art and music in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Western Europe. The style included ornate and exaggerated pieces of architecture, musical compositions, and even jewelry. This era highlighted large, complex statement jewelry with gemstone bezels and pearls. The Baroque period is still inspiring jewelry trends today, albeit with a twist. Kelly brings out many Baroque qualities in her jewelry. Her Captured Crystals Choker showcases a complex structural design made out of crystal bezels.

jewelry trends

All Squared Away Bracelet by Kelly Wiese

Kelly’s All Squared Away Bracelet highlights the complex-looking cubic right-angle weave stitch with its use of different sizes and tones of crystals. She also includes an unusually shaped crystal in her Cat’s-Eye Bracelet, which she bezels with a variety of gold beads for an ornate touch.

jewelry trends

Cat’s-Eye Bracelet by Kelly Wiese

If you want your jewelry to make a statement, the Baroque period is full of inspirational style. What was once old is new again, and with a few modern touches this look is much simpler to create than in the past!

3. Jewel Tones

jewelry trends

Serpentine Bracelet by Kelly Wiese

Bold and exotic colors fill the runway and style blogs as jewel tones continue to dominate. Kelly’s Serpentine Bracelet features a range of purples in a simple design that will flatter any outfit.

jewelry trends

Celestial Earring by Kelly Wiese

Blues are also hot — whether majestic blue, gemstone turquoise, or aquamarine, you can’t go wrong. Kelly’s Celestial Earrings feature light turquoise rivolis bezeled in aqua seed beads and turquoise blue pearls to add an attention-getting pop of color to your wardrobe. Kelly shows off beautiful blue crystals again in her Marquise Bracelet, with bezels that highlight the royal marquise shape.

jewelry trends

Marquise Bracelet by Kelly Wiese

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your jewelry. Jewel-tone colors tend to be universally flattering and pair nicely with a variety of skin tones. If you aren’t convinced, check out the jewel-tone inspired Fast & Fabulous section in April/May 2018 Beadwork for more inspiration.

4. Pearls

jewelry trends

Madison Avenue Bracelet by Kelly Wiese

I can’t get enough of pearls; they can make just about any outfit look elegant and sophisticated. Plus, they are beautiful alone, but they also make stunning accents (especially to crystals!). Kelly does a great job of using pearls as the focal in her Madison Avenue Bracelet, creating a glamorous look with just some simple, natural pearls and a few crystal bicones.

jewelry trends

Starstruck Earrings by Kelly Wiese

Kelly also uses pearls as accents in her Starstruck Earrings, perfect statement pieces featuring lightweight fringe for a fun, flirty look. If you are looking for something even more luxurious but equally exciting, Kelly’s Mythril Bracelet features silver glass pearls for a slinky, soft cuff you can pair with jeans or a little black dress.

jewelry trends

Mythril Bracelet by Kelly Wiese

Pearls are everywhere, so check out “Expert Tips for Choosing and Caring for Pearls and Pearl Jewelry” by former Beadwork editors Debbie Blair and Marlene Blessing. Debbie and Marlene provide advice for selecting pearls and storing them properly.

5. Beaded Bezels

jewelry trends

Bejeweled Pendant by Kelly Wiese

Inspired by the Baroque era, beaded bezels continue to be a popular way to display gemstones, crystals, and pearls. Utilizing a variety of bead-weaving techniques, you can create a perfect setting for any shape of focal with seed beads and shaped beads. Kelly’s Bejeweled Pendant uses a simple bezel to embellish magnificent crystals for a bit of flair.

jewelry trends

Soiree Ring by Kelly Wiese

Kelly’s Soiree Ring highlights a large crystal rivoli with a bezel made of fuchsia bicones, creating an eye-grabbing statement piece for a night out on the town. If you are looking for something a little more delicate but still want the bling, Kelly’s All that Glitters Lariat features a beaded bezel focal with gold and crystal AB strands for a striking necklace.

jewelry trends

All that Glitters Lariat by Kelly Wiese

The great thing about bezels is you can create them with whatever stitch you feel most comfortable! I usually go with a simple peyote bezel, but sometimes a cabochon calls for something a little more fancy, and I love experimenting. Now is the time to use up all of your odd-shaped gemstones and try out this stunning trend.

A Little Bit of Everything!

jewelry trends

Gala Necklace by Kelly Wiese

Kelly could not have designed better fitting jewelry for spring fashion trends. In fact, her cover project, Gala Necklace, covers all of them. I would certainly label it as a statement piece with its bold neckline and double teardrops. And it definitely fits the ornate Baroque style, featuring amethyst crystals in beaded bezel components made of pearls.

Find all these gorgeous projects in Kelly’s book Exotic Adornments, and spice up your wardrobe with these five spring trends. I know I will!

Happy beading!
Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

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