5 Ideas for Kid-Friendly Beading Projects

Make a Kid-Friendly Beading To-Do List

Week #1 of Summer Vacation is novel: Hurray! It’s Summer! Picnics at the beach! Canoeing on the creek! Sleeping in!

Weeks #2 and #3: Well-planned. Filled with sports, music, and reading classes.

And now it’s Week #4. I’ve already pooped out in the plan-your-summer department. As a result I’ve received more than my fair share of “I’m bored”s and my kids have received more than their fair share of “Talk to the hand because my ears can’t hear you”s.

Sound familiar? Even if you don’t have kids around every day during the summer you probably come into contact with them. You’ll notice their presence because they’re gnawing on your ankles and tend to have that “entertain me” look on their faces.

Don’t get me wrong, I have great kids and I love them, but I’m often struck by their lack of creativity in boredom department. I guess I remember roaming the woods all day, making mud pies, and putting on plays with my friends—my only worry was to keep an ear out for the dinner bell. I realize that was a different time—now we put GPS tracking devices on our kids’ cell phones to keep a virtual tether. Oy! I’m pretty sure this “I’m bored” problem is one we’ve created for ourselves, but that’s another discussion for another venue . . .

Keeping the Kids Busy with Beads this Summer: 5 Ideas

To battle the boredom and my lack of patience with it, I’ve decided to make a list with 100 things on it that my kids could do on their own. It involves things like “Pick weeds,” “Water the garden,” and “Practice your cello,” but also fun stuff like “Build a fairy fort with sticks” and “Make a bleach-pen t-shirt.” Also included are these bead-related entries:

1. Make a project from the new Creative Jewelry.

Even though this magazine isn't written specifically for kids, I figure they can pick any project strikes their fancy and dig through my stash to find the proper materials or at least similar materials. This new issue of Creative Jewelry is full of over 135 very easy, very fashionable stringing and light wirework projects and provides page after page of inspiration for jewelry makers of all ages. (Bragging mom moment: My daughter has her first published design in this issue! Check it out on page 74.)

2. Macramé a necklace.

Macramé at our house was a HUGE hit last summer, so this year I’ve made sure to have lots of waxed linen, jute, and wide-holed beads on hand for my kids and their friends.

3. Organize Mama’s bead stash.

This entry has a “$$” by it, as do some of the others on my List of 100. I need it done; they need the money.

4. Make a cell phone charm.

These little dangles for a cell phone are so easy to make that they could make a different one for every day. It’s really just a matter of adding a dangle (like that for an earring) to a cell phone charm finding.

5. Bead a ball cap.
This is actually a great project for new bead embroiderers. Since the canvas is stiff, you don’t need to mess with hoops to pull the fabric tight. Use wide-holed beads and embroidery floss to sew beads right to the crown.
What else would you add to the list? Please help all us desperate parents by sharing on the website.

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