5 Easy Steps for Seed-Beaded Fancy Fringe

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
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Many of you Beading Daily peeps have been following my seed-bead escapades for the past couple of months. It's kind of like a reality show, watching someone discover a new addiction and follow their emotional path of seed-bead corruption. I've also been reading some of your inspiring stories on Facebook about why you bead and love being part of a community that understands the magic of those tiny little tubes of joy.

Getting the basic instructions and design inspiration from Beadwork magazine is part of this trip as well. It's been exciting to learn new techniques and create projects from the experts in print, then share them with my friends as gifts and topics of conversation.

A la Carte or Buffet Style Beading

I'm finding out I am the type of bead stitcher that enjoys doing the same thing over and over again until I tire of it and move onto another technique and then do that one over and over again. I call this style of beading, "The A la Carte Style," a single selection. One of my BFFs is the opposite. She starts 25 different techniques/projects a month and is constantly discovering new attractions. I call her style of bead stitching, "The Buffet Style," a large variety of many different things. Of course, she hasn't actually finished many pieces but enjoys her process as much as I enjoy mine!

Every peyote cuff I've done (about 9 to date), gets a fun trim of Swarovski crystal fringe (you know I simply cannot resist a touch of sparkle). Each one is a surprise as it grows with each stitch. And when I look at the overall project, the fringe kind of tickles my fancy! So here's my five-step method for adding fringe to a beaded cuff.

1. I always start my fringe with a new strand of beading thread. I also like to tie a hidden knot every two or three fringe groups so that if it does break you only lose a section instead of possibly the entire row. Tie the end of your thread to an existing foundation thread and secure by passing the thread through a few beads, coming up through your edge bead.

2. String your desired beads/crystals.

3. Skipping the last bead, pass back through all the beads.

4. Pass back into the foundation bead and pull tight.

5. Repeat for each bead edge.

What kind of bead stitcher are you, A la Carte or Buffet? Have fun with fringe and join me in many more exciting beady designs and techniques in Beadwork!

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