5 Easy (and Inexpensive!) Tips to Help Organize Your Craft Space

If you’re anything like the typical beader, you have a growing collection of beads and tools that can seem unmanageable, perhaps making it challenging to work on projects. Here, we offer five of our favorite tips to help organize your craft space — big or small. These tips will also help you turn your craft space into a more efficient work area. You may even find you’re better able to focus on your craft! So dive in!

Create a Craft Space

Whether a spare room, the corner of a room, or a desk area, it’s important to carve out a space where you can create. Think outside the box and browse flea markets or garage sales for items that might be turned into a workspace, such as an old baker’s rack or hutch. If you don’t have dedicated space where you can leave your materials set up, create a portable station with a storage bin or tray that you can move from your kitchen table into a closet or stash under your bed.

Freshen It Up

By painting the walls, purchasing a new piece of furniture, or moving things around a bit, you’ll feel more energized and may even find a fresh approach to projects that have had you stumped! Make your craft space someplace you’ll want to spend your time!

Check out this light that helps you organize your workspace.

Invest in Good Lighting

For any type of art or craft, daylight is best, so it’s ideal to set up your craft table near a window if possible. Otherwise, consider investing in good lighting, such as an OttLite. Bonus: The removable storage compartments in the lamp shown here provide extra space for those items you use most often.

Cut the Clutter

Start by buying a few baskets or bins, then sort your tools, beads, and other materials into separate bins by category. Create fun labels on your computer or by hand. Or purchase a set of desktop craft organizers or mobile organizers with drawers, such as those by Go-Organize.

This basket is a great tool to help organize any area of your workspace and home.

Reduce and Recycle

Get rid of things you haven’t used in years. I know this can be particularly tricky for us beaders and all-around crafters. Organization experts recommend using a similar approach with your wardrobe—if you haven’t worn something for a year, get rid of it! Check online for organizations that can use your donated craft supplies for charitable purposes.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to an organized space in no time!

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