5 Days Left in 2010: 5 Minute Jewerly Making

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
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OK gang, who received beads for gifts over the holidays? Even if you bought them for yourself, they are the greatest of gifts, right? Beads are always the perfect gift in so many ways. Your entire family and BFF knows if they give you beads, you'll smile (and maybe even make THEM something lovely). You never have enough, or the right color, or the right size, yadda, yadda, yadda . . . . Also one size fits all! I've never heard a beader say "These beads don't fit" even after a big turkey dinner! 


Quick and Easy Jewelry Projects for the New Year

It still never fails, even after creating jewelry with your new beads, an event or party comes up at the last minute and you simply don't have ANY jewelry that works with your outfit. So, quicker is sometimes better in jewelry making. Don't you agree? I'm always excited by "quick-and-easy projects" or jewelry you can make in a weekend. It gives me that immediate gratification surge in my pulse and delightful satisfaction wearing it out that evening!

I have some standby favorites I like to crank out when watching a movie or chatting on the phone. You know the kind of project, quick and "mindless"—you don't have to count much or keep track of each stitch. You can be interrupted and pick up where you left off with no problem. It's great to get in the groove and make duplicates for gifts, package them up, and you're ready for the coming birthdays, teacher's days, surprise visitors, and the like. I leave the jewelry viewable and let the guest pick out his/her favorite color.

I've picked out a few fave projects from the Interweave store that look quick and fun. See what you think!


Beaded Lace Earrings by Nicole Campanella

These simple earrings are reminiscent of a pair of sterling earrings, which are open and a bit lacy. They are very easy to make and look great with almost any outfit. Use this basic pattern to create several different looks. Make a dozen of these in every color and you're set for 2011! Great for when you need just a little something-something for your lovely lobes. If you're off to make this beauty, make a couple of extras. You KNOW your girlfriends will want yours!



3-D Sterling Bracelet by Jodi Bombardier

Whether you wear this bracelet 3-D side up or the flat loop side up, you will get loads of compliments! This is a fun bracelet to make. The hook on the side adds to the unique design of this bracelet. It is completely free-form, so twist and turn to your heart’s desire!



Adventurine Necklace by Tammy Honaman


Create your own head pins with a torch and then add gemstone beads to a purchased necklace. Doesn't this look luscious? Once you make your own head pins, you may never stop!



Angela's Ice by Denise Yezbak Moore


What a perfect New Year's Eve necklace to usher in 2011! Matches every outfit you could come up with. Use velvet ribbon to dress up quartz nuggets for a necklace to wear to your next winter soiree.


So pick out a few eProjects from the store (they're 30% off), download them lickety-split and whip up your New Year's Eve jewelry. Now, that's the way to start off a new year If you ask me!


Come bead with me!



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