4 Simple Steps to Getting Started with Herringbone Stitch

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Kristal Wick
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For all of you keeping up with my recent beading chapter I endearingly call "GBBAWTTLSB" (Great Big Bead Adventures with Those Tiny Little Seed Beads), you know I'm hopelessly in love with the peyote stitch. I, like you, have stitched away the hours, heavily addicted, I mean enticed, by the endless beautiful jewelry I can create with one simple stitch. I've been encouraged to broaden my horizons, open up to a new world, and move onto another stitch. Eeenie-meenie-miny-moe; which stitch to select?

Herringbone seems to be mighty popular with us beady folks, so perhaps it will be the next stitch on my beady bucket list. Anybody care to join me? Here are some quick-an- easy steps to begin to herringbone.

Herringbone Stitch with a Ladder-Stitch Start

I've heard this method gets double thumbs up because beginning with a row of 2-bead ladder stitch makes it easier to hold onto than a single ladder. The herringbone pattern is seen right away, which also makes it easier for all of us newbie's out there.

1.  Start with a 2-beads-at-a-time ladder. (See the ladder-stitch illustration if you need help with this step.) Exit out of the end bead in Row 1.


2. Pass through the second bead from the end of Row 1 through the end bead of Row 2. Now your needle is facing the correct way to begin Step 3. 


3.  Add pairs of beads for your first row of herringbone. String 2 beads, pass down through the second bead from the end, and up through the third bead. Add 2 more pairs of beads to finish the row.


4.  At the end of each row, pass through the end bead in the row below, up through the second bead from the end, and then up through the end bead of the top row. Now you are ready to start another row of herringbone stitch.


These steps seem pretty simple to me. Of course my dream project is Beautiful Bargello by Tina Koyama in Best of Beadwork 12 Flat & Tubular Herringbone-Stitch Projects.

I think I better start practicing right now . . .

Come bead with me!



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