4 Simple Steps for Multi-Strand Jewelry-Making Mania

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
is the editor of
Beading Daily.
I like to play games with myself. I don't mean childhood games such as Monopoly, Candy Land, or heaven forbid, Twister. The kinds of games I play with myself as an adult are what I like to call "designer games." I'll see some beautiful flowers in a garden with a variety of colors I would never put together myself, yet when Mother Nature does it, she "makes it work" to quote style guru, Tim Gunn. I then challenge myself to create a piece of jewelry using those same colors. I also enjoy challenging myself to go outside my designing comfort zone and throw a pile of "bead soup" on my studio table, close my eyes, clear my mind, take a deep breath, countdown: 3-2-1, dive into that pile and make something spectacular.

My latest game is actually this blog. Beading Daily peeps, my intention is to inspire you enough to play along. One of my fave trends these days is multi-strand jewelry pieces. That appealingly disheveled layered look is not only fun to wear, it's even more fun to make. I picked out my top multi-strand jewelry from the latest issue of Stringing magazine. I examined each one thoughtfully, and then made some of my own jewelry, pouring that fresh inspiration right into my necklace made with crystals, pearls, fabric beads, resin nuggets, and chain.

Fleur-de-lis by Kristy Abner is top on my list. The mix of antique copper and golds with pearls and chain is perfect for fall. This is definitely a show stopper.

Coral Confluence by Toni McCarthy is four strands mixed with brass and gold plated chain, coral beads, and a lovely splash of turquoise.

Memories of Tucson by Kelly Angeley delightfully mixes hand-dyed silk ribbon with stones, copper chain, stones, and lampworked beads to create this richly textured stunner.

Make your own multi-strand necklace in 4 simple steps

String three strands of your favorite beads and components onto beading wire making sure each strand is the same length.

Crimp all six ends.

Open jump ring and insert three crimped ends and chain end. Close jump ring. Repeat for other side.

Add toggle and bar to other end of chain with jump rings.

Turn to Stringing for a wealth of projects, techniques, tips and INSPIRATION!

Come bead with me.



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