4 Clever Designs Inspired by Beadwork Projects

It’s no secret that our readers don’t always make projects exactly as they’re published in Beadwork magazine. Readers often put their own touches on a project, whether that means substituting beads, creating a different variation, or going completely rogue and just using a piece as a basis for their own inspiration.

We recently had four readers send us their own versions of previously published Beadwork projects.

A Simpler Approach

Gail McLain took a simpler approach to Cindy Holsclaw’s Chrysanthemum Blossoms necklace from April/May 2015 Beadwork. She adapted Cindy’s design for a class project.

“I used circular peyote stitch to bead the flowers with SuperDuos, triangles, size 11° seed beads, and 4mm crystal bicones. I arranged them into a configuration that hangs nicely.”

4 Clever Designs Inspired by Beadwork Projects

Cindy Holsclaw’s Chrysanthemum Blossoms necklace and Gail McLain’s variation

Inspiration Only

Roz Kimerling found inspiration in the bead-embroidered work of Sherry Serafini (April/May 2016 Beadwork).

“The thought of going with the flow and letting my imagination take over was enough to get me started. I recently began doing bead embroidery and really love how liberating it is.”

4 Clever Designs Inspired by Beadwork Projects

Bead-embroidered bracelets by Sherry Serafini and Roz Kimerling

Subtle Substitutions

Renata Minullina pared down Evelína Palmontová’s Stardust Bracelet from June/July 2016 Beadwork. She created a narrower, more subtle version.

“I substituted CzechMates 2-hole brick beads for the Bi-Bo beads and added my favorite little magnetic clasp.”

4 Clever Designs Inspired by Beadwork Projects

Evelína Palmontová’s Stardust Bracelet and Renata Minullina’s variation

A Playful Variation

Susan Pelligra put a colorful spin on Phyllis Dintenfass’s Triversible Earrings. She made a playful variation of Phyllis’s December 2008/January 2009 Beadwork project.

“I used solid colors on one side and a cabana stripe on the other, and I added fire-polished rounds to the tips of the triangles.”

4 Clever Designs Inspired by Beadwork Projects

Phyllis Dintenfass’s Triversible Earrings and Susan Pelligra’s variation

For design inspiration of your own, check out the February/March 2017 issue of Beadwork! You’ll find 18 must-have designs, including an ultra-popular Moroccan-inspired bracelet, a fun and stylish wrap, and a mesmerizing cuff of SuperDuos.

We love seeing how our published projects motivate readers to create their own variations. If you have a W.O.R.D. (What Our Readers Did) submission based on one of our published projects, please send it to beadworksubmissions@interweave.com.

Lavon Peters

Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine


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